The PRC claims the City Council for debts for non-payment of port fees…

The regionalist group in the Astillero City Council has registered a battery of questions about the port taxes of the Orconera and San José docks addressed to the mayor, Javier Fernández Soberón, for his answer in plenary session next Thursday. Specifically, the regionalists want to know the degree of compliance with the agreement adopted by the Local Government Board, in April 2021, to claim the debts for non-payment in the settlement of said fees, pending payment since 2018 and whose amount amounts to 25,458 euros.

They have also asked who is currently in charge of controlling the occupation of the berths, if any type of action has been launched to correct the situation of “illegal” occupation in which they are located and who is currently authorizing the use and distribution of access control cards, as well as the maintenance of the video surveillance camera system.

They also recall that, in January of this year, the Local Government Board agreed to draw up a regulation for the management of the docks to LPS Abogados SCP, for an amount of 12,000 euros. Thus They want to know what stage of processing it is inwhat is the amount that to date has been paid to the writing company and the reason why the mayor has not yet requested a report on the legality of said regulation from the municipal secretary.

Finally, the PRC has requested that Soberón give an account of the documents that the Port Authority has sent to the Consistory throughout this legislature, as well as the actions that it has carried out in view of the approval, by the Authority, of a tender for the construction and operation of a nautical-sports facility between the Orconera and San José docks.