The prefect of Hérault has the “firm will to release Paul Valéry” blockers


At a press briefing in Montpellier, Pierre Pouëssel, the prefect of the Hérault, announced the “firm will to release Paul Valéry.” The president of the university had called “the state” to take its responsibilities.

Soon an intervention of the police at the University Paul Valery of Montpellier? This is what suggests the words of Pierre Pouëssel, prefect of Hérault, at a press briefing held Monday, April 16. During his speech, the prefect said that intervention of the police would soon take place to free the university students blockers. “We are determined to release Paul Valéry”
“I can not give you either the time or the date, but it is clear that we are determined to release Paul-Valéry,” he explained at this press point, recalling that only “200 students block faculty. ” However, no details were given concerning the nature or the day of the intervention.
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“There is the choice of the moment, and the need probably also to have a national vision, the whole of the maneuver that does not concern us,” he said. And to add: “The universities of Tolbiac, Paris 8 and Jean-Jaurès are also blocked by minorities.” The president of the university asks the intervention of the police
Earlier in the day, in a press release, Patrick Gilli, the president of the University Paul Valery, had announced that new excesses occurred over the weekend on campus. “We had disturbing information during the night about the risks of violence in the establishment and discovered weapons by destination (paving stones, sticks), which is why I asked the staff, with the exception of current priority services, not to come to campus today, “he said.
“The form that the movement takes at Paul Valery University makes it impossible for us to take the ordinary police measures that fall to a school president and make it extremely difficult for the administration and public service to operate. university. So, in the middle of last week, I lodged a “useful measures” summons before the administrative court to order the State to help the establishment and request the use of the police, “added the president of the ‘university. And to add: “It is now necessary that the state take the responsibilities that come back to it in matters of public order”. Ransacked servers and postponed exams
In the middle of last week, a group of hooded individuals had entered the university server room and caused serious property damage. The university site, which has been online since, has been unavailable for several days, as has the campus connection.
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The goal of sabotage? Prevent the holding of online partials organized by the university. Exams that have been suspended but will all take place, confirms Patrick Gilli, the president of the university. Both students and university staff expressed outrage at the vandalism. It is a reprehensible action. For two weeks, we see the blockers cling to the claim of the free semester, we come to wonder what are their real motivations, “testified in particular a student at the university Figaro.


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