The prefect of Loire-Atlantique prohibits fireworks in anticipation of demonstrations in the evening

A demonstrator launches fireworks during clashes with the police on March 23, in Nantes. LOIC VENANCE / AFP

Other orders relating to the transport of fuel and objects that could constitute a weapon were also taken around Nantes and Saint-Nazaire, from 4 p.m., while rallies are organized this Thursday evening in support of demonstrators injured in Sainte -Solin.

Le Figaro Nantes

New events are expected this Thursday evening in Loire-Atlantique. In this context, Fabrice Rigoulet-Roze, prefect of Loire-Atlantique, issued several prefectural decrees in anticipation of these declared or spontaneous gatherings which “can bring damage, fires and violence ». These measures will come into effect this Thursday from 4 p.m. and will end on Friday at 8 a.m.

During this period, “the carrying, transport and use of fireworks is prohibited in the municipalities of Nantes Métropole and the urban community of the region Nazairienne and the Estuary». Furthermore, in the city centers of Nantes and Saint-Nazaire, “the port and transport of objects that may constitute a weapon by destination is prohibited“. Finally, in Nantes only, “the removal or transport of any fuel, by jerry cans cubitainers, cans, flasks or various containers is prohibited».

Several gatherings planned in the department

This Thursday, at 7 p.m., in front of the Nantes prefecture, a “anti-repression demonstration“is organized”in support of the two demonstrators in a coma, the injured Sainte Soline and the retirement movement, for the end of police violence “, is it indicated in the calendar of the CGT 44. This national appeal, launched on the initiative of trade union organizations and collectives, invites to rallies in front of more than 60 prefectures and sub-prefectures, the latter going to make the object of special protection at the request of the Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin. According to a map relayed by the organization “Bedpans No Thanks“, a rally is also planned at 7 p.m. in Saint-Nazaire.

In Pornic, a meeting is scheduled this Thursday at 6 p.m., place de la Gare, against the pension reform. The next national mobilization is organized on Thursday 6 April. During the previous one, Tuesday March 28, 49 people were arrested in Nantes and four in Saint-Nazaire.