The premiere of Happiness is a beautiful thing was full of embarrassment: GODLA SHOWER WHAT I COULD

It was supposed to be a gala evening during which the acting delegation would present the comedy Happiness is a Beautiful Thing. But it became one big mess! The biggest one performed, as usual, a joker Godla from Most !, who portrayed the taxi driver Patrik in the film. The production nominated him as the moderator of the ceremonial screening and his task was not complicated at all. Say a few sentences on stage and introduce the actors.

He didn’t know names
But Godla hadn’t learned what to say in advance, so he spelled it all out of paper. Unfortunately, he could not read the text fluently and the names of the protagonists fell out, even though he was shooting with them. “I will also invite Petra Hřebíková to the stage,” he addressed Petra Hřebíková, for example, in the auditorium (40) and then immediately omitted the middle name of director Jiří Diarmaid Novák (47). He obviously didn’t know how to pronounce him.

He couldn’t read
But it was really hot when he tried to ask questions to stunned colleagues, but he stuttered at any moment. “Do p * dele. Do p * či. Fuck that, ”he exploded. “You know, I can’t see it at all,” he added, thrusting a strip of paper to Hřebíčková, who quickly put out the embarrassment. But maybe that was his whole failed plan. Fortunately, Godlu was supported by a large clan – Jan’s wife and the rest of the family. Happiness is a beautiful thing to be shown in cinemas from August 27.

Tired Pavelka
The actor Ondřej Pavelek (64) did not do well in the evening either – the beginning according to the information Aha! he still stopped with grace, but when the Lantern was lit in the hall of the Cinema and he was supposed to go on stage to introduce himself to the audience, he had slight problems with gravity. “At times it seemed to fall. He held his hand quite strangely, as if he had fallen in the back, his elbows at his jacket were torn, “described Aha! witness.

Eva Feuereislová revealed her nipple: Zíral i Rosenberg
The red carpet shook as a silicone doll Feuereisl, hung by porn actor Robert Rosenberg (45), walked past it shortly after half past seven. He suddenly lifted her into his arms, so abruptly that her nipple peeked out of her tight dress without a bra. She didn’t even try to cover her, and Robert had the look he saw when making adult films.

Another film that has been pushed aside by covid goes to cinemas: The romantic comedy Happiness is a beautiful thing

Scribe at the bar with four girls: He went home with the brunette
While the rest of the stunned actors scattered home after the film before midnight, Martin Písařík (41) saw it as a big party. He hadn’t moved since the bar, where he had a drink with four beauties, all evening. He eventually accompanied one of them to the house in Strašnice, where he told her something for 20 minutes. But he was innocent this time. “It simply came to our notice then. We just split into two taxis and I took the girl away, “explained Aha! Martin, who has two sons with his patron Míša.

Petra Hřebíčková at the premiere Too personal acquaintance


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