The presenter of Noticias Caracol who left without bathing the channel and for an interview

Surely you do not know this curious story about a presenter of Snail News that he went without bathing to the canal and for an interview.

It is about Érika Zapata, a correspondent from Medellín and who has stolen the show for her unique way of reporting.

Viewers across the country love her and are always asking for a new report from her.

However, his life has not been easy and he did not reach the news by lever.

In fact, before reaching Snail News knocked on several doors to get a job in media.

In an interview with Suso he told one of the funniest and most embarrassing anecdotes that happened to him, precisely looking for work and in Caracol.

Érika traveled to Bogotá to knock on doors and she did it with her father. However, they even had to sleep in the terminal on behalf of thieves who almost robbed them at the hotel where they were going to stay.

Therefore, the presenter did not have clothes to change, nor a place to bathe.

“I’m telling you the truth? I went two days without bathing in Bogotá. I went to buy some panties and they were worth about $ 100,000. They saw my face. I stayed like that, “he said, and it was then that he revealed his anecdote in Caracol:” That’s how I introduced myself to Manuel Teodoro: without bathing.

This anecdote, told by the same journalist, can be seen in the following video from minute 10:26:

The presenter of Snail News who left the canal without bathing and for an interview

Currently, the Colombian presenter is going through a good working moment and viewers have been able to see her and learn about her different facets.

And it is that in addition to her work in the news, she is also the star presenter of Today’s farm, also Caracol production.