The president of Conmebol Alejandro Domínguez spoke about the sanitary protocol of soccer at the Mercosur summit

The president of the Conmebol Alejandro Domínguez exposed in teleconference (Photo: EFE)
The president of the Conmebol Alejandro Domínguez exposed in teleconference (Photo: EFE)

The president of the Conmebol Alejandro Domínguez exposed this Thursday in a virtual way in the Mercosur summit to give details of the health protocol that the entity that regulates South American football has already prepared and has ready to apply when the situation in the region stabilizes in relation to the coronavirus pandemic.

Paraguay is the seat of the political summit that is held through teleconferences and that started on June 29 last and will end this Thursday with the presence of the mentioned Domínguez. The manager who began his term at the helm of Conmebol on January 26, 2016 and revalidated his position in May 2018 spoke about the medical, safety and prevention specifications that the entity resolved to apply once soccer resumes on the continent .

“From the beginning of the pandemic, Conmebol had its priority clearly. The most valuable thing is the life of players and players, technicians, referees, assistants, fans. All the people involved in soccer. In this way, the competitions were immediately suspended. Prevention measures are strictly applied in our offices”, He explained at the beginning of his presentation at the summit of Heads of State of Mercosur and Associated States. “One of the many lessons the pandemic leaves us is that a world without sports is a sad world, a gray world. Soccer is a relief from social tensions and anxieties. It is an energy channeler that dissipates discomfort and revives spirits, “he added.

In mid-June, and through a virtual meeting, the members of the Conmebol Council unanimously approved two documents presented: the Protocol of Medical Recommendations for Training, Travel and Competitions; e the Operational Manual for Arrivals and Departures at airports.

The intention of the body that brings together football in the region is to resume activities once the maximum guarantees exist. Although still, it should be noted that there is no date for that moment since the evolution of the decisions will be absolutely related to the advance or retreat of the coronavirus.

“A team of experts specially convened by our institution developed a protocol for training, travel, competitions, as well as an operational manual for the departure and arrival of flights from football delegations to and from the civil or military airports that will be used. They were conceived as the first steps in a gradual process that will begin with parties without an audience. Our intention is not to return to normal pre pandemic overnight, “he clarified.

Today, it reported over 2 million cases of Covid-19 among the ten countries that make up Conmebol and the official statistics of each nation accounted for more than 86,000 deaths product of the pandemic. Brazil It is the one with the most impressive figures with a number greater than 1.4 million infected and more of 60 thousand deaths since the start of the health crisis. Peru (more than 288 thousand registered cases), Chile (more than 282 thousand infected) and Colombia (more than 102 thousand people with the virus) are the other countries with the highest statistics in the region.

“It is essential to face the reactivation of football with a framework document of general prevention procedures and measures that can be applied as a minimum common in the different Member Associations, and thus guarantee the health of all,” President Domínguez had warned at the time present the protocol. It should be noted that at that time September was also kept as the date indicated to play the South American Qualifiers towards the 2022 World Cup, although the modification of that calendar depends on FIFA.


The Conmebol presented its protocol for the return of soccer in South America and ratified the September Qualifying date

Conmebol reopened its offices: “We want the Copa Libertadores and the Sudamericana to be played again as soon as possible”

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