The President of Telecom Egypt reveals the reasons for increasing the speed of the Internet in Egypt.. Video

Engineer Adel Hamed, CEO of Telecom Egypt, said that the internet speed in Egypt reached 5.6 megabytes/second at the beginning of 2019 and we succeeded in increasing it to 39.6 megabytes/second last April, and that Telecom Egypt has crossed the 40 megabyte/second barrier. This is a measure that indicates progress in the speed of the fixed Internet, and despite the importance of increasing the speed of the Internet, there are other indicators that indicate a significant progress in the level of quality of Internet services in We.

In a video interview with Youm7, Hamed attributed the reasons for increasing the speed of the Internet in Egypt to the adoption of a hierarchical system by Telecom Egypt, whose base begins with the expansion of Egypt’s infrastructure base, and the second step is to develop and expand networks, and the third step is to build giant data centers that have Certifications and licenses from international institutions, and the introduction to the pyramid is cloud computing and applications.

And Telecom Egypt has worked during the last period on all these axes, such as replacing MSAN copper cables with fiber-optic cables, developing routers from ADSL and then VDSL, then developing them to a newer technology, in addition, the company raised the customer’s usage capacities from 140 GB. Up to 250 GB until it reached 1 TB, and recently we launched the Ultra package and it allows a speed of up to 200 MB, and a download capacity of 600 GB.

Hamed pointed out that Telecom Egypt has launched new applications such as care applications for remote diagnosis and treatment, education applications for e-learning and conducting exams electronically, and there is a huge project being carried out in cooperation with the Ministries of Communications and Higher Education to popularize e-learning, and other applications that benefit industrial projects and small and medium enterprises. and media.