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The president of the TSXG highlights the work of the Justice after a year of cuts in rights and freedoms | Radio Coruña

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Justice in Galicia has resisted “satisfactorily” the onslaught of the pandemic. This is what the president of the Superior Court of Xustiza de Galicia (TSXG) believes, which this morning presented the report of the judicial activity corresponding to 2020. The year of the pandemic did not involve a large accumulation of pending cases. José María Gómez y Díaz-Castroverde also defends the performance of the judges in a year of limitation of rights and freedoms.

In 2020 the courts and tribunals of Galicia received 293,692 cases, which is 11.4% less than in the previous year. Confinement meant that at the end of 2020 there was a 7.4% more cases pending resolution than in 2019. A situation that is being resolved, since at the end of March they were 4%. Data in any case that does not satisfy Díaz-Castroverde, who foresees an increase in cases, especially in the Social Courts, when the extension of the Temporary Employment Regulation Files (ERTE) ends.

The president of the TSXG demands an increase in resources and reinforcement, and creation, of the courts. He recalled that in A Coruña a new social court has come into operation this year. As a positive aspect of the pandemic, the implementation and improvement of digital and technological tools for the day-to-day life of theaters stands out.

Díaz-Castroverde has also defended the role of judges and courts during a year in which the rights and freedoms of citizens have been limited. In a “radical” way, he recalled, during confinement. It highlights the presence of justice to regulate these limitations, which still remain.

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About him trial of the so-called Alvia Case, Díaz-Castroverde has explained that in July the opening of an oral trial could be decreed. A “complex” trial, especially due to the number of parties, in addition to the usual ones, the Prosecutor and defense attorneys, 120 parties have appeared.

The Cidade da Cultura, in Santiago, remains the ideal venue for holding this macro-trial to resolve responsibilities in the Alvia accident in the parish of Angrois in July 2013.

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