The Presidential Candidate Line Named Rumah Ganjar


Ganjar Pranowo seems to be getting serious about running for the presidential candidate to welcome the 2024 General Election. In fact, as many as 18 volunteers are now joining one forum and one place called Rumah Ganjar.

The Ganjar volunteers were assigned to build narratives and propaganda strategies to fight opinions against other presidential candidates. Of course, with one goal, namely to support Ganjar as a presidential candidate in 2024.

As reported secondsX, Rumah Ganjar has its own role, namely as a coordinator and provider of the needs of volunteers. Including the task of doing mapping in the area and providing political propaganda materials for volunteers.



However, at this time they are still reluctant to open up to the public because they avoid clashes with PDIP. However, regarding the source of funding, detikX resource persons explained that Rumah Ganjar is commanded by one of the commissioners of a subsidiary of a state-owned company engaged in the oil and gas sector.

“They have not officially used the name Rumah Ganjar. It seems that at the follow-up meeting they will use another name, until it is clear that Ganjar will get a ticket from the party,” said one volunteer, who did not want to reveal his identity.

So where is the location of this Ganjar House? Volunteer groups usually meet in the Kebayoran Baru area, South Jakarta, in a house that is rented at a cost of Rp 600 million. The headquarters of Rumah Ganjar is located in an elite residential area with a two-story white building with a high brown gate made of wood.

“Often there is consolidation, yes there are also groups of volunteers who take funds there. Not all of them, because some of them already have their respective masters,” he said.

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