The Presidential Commissioner of Transparency of Honduras is found dead


Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

In room 503 of the building Golan Height Apartments, on the street Choluteca of the residential Altos de la Tepeyac, was found lifeless Alfredo José Cantero Callejas (46 years old)

Cantero Callejas served since June 2018 as presidential commissioner of Transparency, with the rank of secretary of State, and in charge of the Office of Monitoring Presidential Office of Honduras.

The authorities investigate whether the death was asphyxiation by inhalation of gases such as helium and LPG, as it had two hoses connected near its nostrils and a black bag on the head.

Transparency commissioner Alfredo José Cantero Callejas participated in an event on Wednesday with Cohep and government authorities in the launch of an educational plan. He talked about the plans he had in his dependence.

People close to the former official announced that a month ago he commented that "he no longer wanted to live." He was a depressive person and was in psychiatric and psychological treatment, but had abandoned the treatment.

On Wednesday night, a group of relatives had a family reunion to which I was invited Alfredo José Cantarero who was called several times and did not answer the phone.

In addition, they sent messages from WhatsApp and he answered them with kisses and hearts, without imagining that hours later they would find him lifeless.

The news of his death caused consternation among his relatives, co-workers and other people with whom he shared the day before.

The prosecutor of Public ministry who arrived at the scene called for the support of Fire brigade to make tests to determine the existence of gases inside the apartment.

Personal of Forensic Medicine He recognized and lifted the body and then transferred it to the morgue, then was handed over to the relatives.

He Government of the Republic Through a grieving agreement, he stressed that "he fought to build a transparent nation and sustained an impeccable career as a public servant."

On Wednesday afternoon he participated in the signing of an agreement on education in which authorities of the Honduran Council of Private Enterprise (Cohep)

In his appearance he talked about open data, which he defined as going one step beyond transparency. He announced that he was promoting a project to publish purchasing data with public resources from 2008 to date.

In addition, data from Finance about how the General Budget of the Republic.


He graduated with a degree in International Commerce.
Since June 5, 2018 he had the position of presidential commissioner of Transparency, with the rank of secretary of state.
He was in charge of the Office of Follow-up of the Presidential Office of Honduras.
He is considered the promoter of the Open Government Model and planned to install the open data policy.

Warning signs of suicide

Extreme changes in behavior.
Mood: increased despair.
Personality: the person is different and decayed.
Activity level: increase or loss of activity level.
Appetite: eating too much or too little.
Patterns of sleeping behavior: sleeping too much or too little.

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