The press conferences on the coronavirus in Belgium are back!

The first will be held this Monday at 12 noon in the physical presence of journalists, we learned in the morning. The Sciensano Institute of Public Health will give more information on the current situation there. As cases of contamination by the new coronavirus increase, the Concertation Committee, which brings together the federal, Community and Regional governments, asked Sunday that press points relating to the epidemiological situation resume so as to inform the population of its evolution.

The Crisis Center will once again organize three press conferences per week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, said its spokesman Yves Stevens at the Belga agency. In addition to the evolution of cases of infection, it will also deal with data relating to tracing.

This Monday, journalists will be welcomed at the International Press Center (Residence Palace) from 11:30 a.m. They will have the opportunity to physically attend the press conference and ask questions after it during individual interviews, the Crisis Center said in a statement.

The press point can also be followed online on the website.


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