The price and release date of PlayStation 5 will be announced on September 16 at a Showcase event

There has been a lot of talk in recent weeks about the console PlayStation 5 which although on the verge of launch does not yet have an official price. We do not know the specific launch date, the Japanese mentioning the “winter holidays” as the period. However, this information could be revealed on Wednesday, September 16, when Sony has a special event scheduled.

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We remind you that the other day we also found out what the PS5 box contains, but also an alleged release date. Now we are preparing for the event that will clarify all these unknowns and most likely we will see new gameplay or maybe other titles ready for launch with the console.

Playstation 5

Microsoft also recently announced the Series S console at a very attractive price of only $ 299. The high-end Xbox Series X will apparently cost $ 499 and the PlayStation 5 is expected to come in the same price segment. A $ 50 lower amount would not be ruled out just to boost sales.

About the console PlayStation 5 we know that it will have both a Blu-ray physical disc version, but also a completely digital version that will cost less. Serious hardware upgrades and graphics processing are being introduced, and the controller is receiving an update. The design and the feedback delivered to the user change.

We are waiting for the event on September 16 that can be watched on YouTube starting with 23:00 (Romanian time).

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