The price of a used Honda Odyssey Absolute RA6 is Rp. 100 Million in 2004

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Illustration of used Honda Odyssey


Illustration of used Honda Odyssey – Do you want to have an affordable MPV (Multi Purpose Vehicle) mobol?

Used Honda Odyssey can be an option to have a used MPV type car.

Used Honda Odyssey is not like most MPVs, because Odyssey has comfort like a sedan about handling and slamming.

First present in Indonesia in 2000 and discontinued in 2004, the Honda Odyssey RA6 was imported by the General Importer.

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Honda Prospect Motor (HPM), Brand Holder Agent (APM) Honda Indonesia has just entered the Honda Odyssey into the country through the next generation Odyssey RB1 Odyssey.

Honda Odyssey RA6 uses a 2,300cc F23A engine with VTEC technology, there is also a choice of J30A engine with a 3,000 cc V6 configuration.

The models offered also have 2 trims, namely the L Series and Absolute.

Now for those of you who want to look for a smooth Honda Odyssey RA6, there is 1 unit sold through the Instagram account @ taufik.feby.

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According to information from the post, the 2004 Honda Absolute Odyssey was offered for Rp. 102 million negotiable.



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