The price of FFB is higher in North Aceh, this is the area and distribution of oil palm plantations

Jafaruddin I Report North Aceh

SERAMBINEWS.COM,LHOKSUKON – The price of Palm Oil Fresh Fruit Signs (FFB) which reaches IDR 2,200 to 2,250 per kilogram.

This is good news for farmers who have oil palm plantations in a number of districts/cities in Aceh, including in North Aceh.

Why not, this price is the highest price so far in North Aceh even for other districts/cities.

In addition, these prices have also stabilized, at least in the last few months.

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However, do all farmers in North Aceh have oil palm plantations?, on Wednesday (6/10/2021) interviewed the Head of the Department of Plantation, Livestock and Animal Health (Disbunnak Keswan), Ir Lilis Indriansyah MP, to find out.

Lilis, greeting the Head of Disbunnak Keswan Aceh Utara, gave an answer to, in written form.

Of the 27 sub-districts in North Aceh, only 16 sub-districts have oil palm plantations.

Respectively, Sawang District, Nisam, Kuta Makmur, Geureudong Pase, Cot Girek, Paya Bakong, Syamtalira Bayu, Pirak Timu.

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