The price of gold on Tuesday 13-3-2018 in the shops of goldsmith in Egypt right Now

The price of gold on Tuesday 13-3-2018 in the shops of goldsmith in Egypt
 right Now


Gold today, gold today showed a slight increase in the price of one gram, where the gram today increased by 2 pounds, as a result of the rise during the day on the world price of the ounce, which recorded $ 1,324, up 4 dollars, and considering the gold is 21 caliber The most sought after by the citizens of Egypt, it can be said that the price of gold 21 caliber is the most affected by the international prices of gold, and therefore reflect the gold 21 caliber is the focus of attention in Egypt.
The head of the general division of gold and jewels of the General Union of Chambers of Commerce “Wasfi Amin” has pointed out during the statements that led to the main factors that control the price of gold, the global stock exchanges and the dollar, he said that the rise in the price of gold during the transactions linked partly Or all at world prices as well as the price of the dollar.

Gold Price Today:
Unit The price of gold in Egyptian pounds
Gold prices may vary from one shop to another
Caliber 741 to 743
22 679 to 681
21 caliber 648 to 650
Caliber 18 555 to 557
14 432 to 433
Caliber 12 370 to 371
Ounce 23,032 to 23,103
Pound Gold 5,184 to 5,200
Kilo 740,571 to 742,857
. The price of gold today showed a significant rise during trading, as the price of one gram rose by about 2 pounds, which was the result of the rise in the world price of an ounce, which was $ 4 during the day, to record an ounce after the rise of $ 1324 dollars, and enjoy gold With the interest of a wide range of observers, including investors and those who resort to gold as a safe means against market fluctuations, as well as merchants and shopkeepers and young people next to marry.
Factors controlling the price of gold:
The price of gold during trading in the goldsmiths in Egypt is subject to a number of key factors. The final price of gold is determined according to these factors. The global price of the ounce is the most important factor controlling the price of gold. The dollar is affected by the changes in the price of the US dollar immediately, so it can be said that any rise or fall in the price of the US dollar, even if slightly affects the price of gold, and it can also be said that If there is a rise in the Presentation of the World ounce decline in the US dollar in the Egyptian market, the changes in the price of gold will be in favor of the decline in the dollar’s trading.
Price per ounce:
Many economists in the gold market consider that the ounce is the main driver of the price of gold, for the price of gold in all countries of the world and not only Egypt, and the weight of the ounce to 31 grams, where the prices of ounces and changes in the course of transactions in the global market conditions of major currencies The US dollar is pegged to the dollar, where the price of the ounce changes as a result of changes in the US dollar between other currencies. The higher the US dollar is, the lower the price of the ounce and vice versa.
Factory price and stamp:
The average price of stamping and manufacturing during the trading in the shops in Egypt today is between 25 and 60 pounds, where prices vary between different shops and different provinces, according to the different market transactions and the situation in the market, whether the high rate of transactions or stagnation.
As the gold market has suffered from a period of stagnation observed, as a result of the huge increases in the price of gold during that period, which caused gold to be a source of well-being for many citizens, which are no longer able to bear the price after those rises, A period in which the young man who marries to dispense with gold and replace it with silver because of the huge increases in prices.

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