The price of gold today Monday 16/4-2018 The stability of gold prices and the price of 21 records 660 pounds


price Gold Today Monday, 16/4/2018, Gold prices in Egypt have stabilized significantly since the beginning of trading this week and during trading Monday in the gold markets and goldsmith shops in Egypt, on the rise succeeded precious metal price to reach him during the end of last week and then prices have stabilized at the current limit without movement May affect the current stability of gold prices in Egypt, which is foreshadowing possible strong changes in the price of the yellow metal, which experts believe that gold will go to achieve further rises may push him to reach a new record of high prices may have not recorded By, p Traders and gold traders in Egypt have been very interested in the gold prices in the coming period, in order to eliminate the recession that has always dominated the gold markets as metal prices are rising. Traders are reluctant to trade in the gold metal by buying and selling for fear of Strong losses if the price of gold has witnessed a sharp rise or fall, and therefore this period is a period of concern by traders in the gold market, where gold is one of the most important and best minerals of the Egyptians, Meet light on them and follow them continuously.
Therefore, the “Egypt Guide” is keen to follow the price changes of the precious gold metal, which is continuous around the clock, and is transmitted continuously during updates of different periods throughout the various daily working hours. Gold is considered the main currency for Egyptians. Economic Events Gold is mainly dealt with as saving, investing and preserving the value of the currency over the years, as the best and safest means of money that is worth less than one day after another. On the contrary, gold maintains its price stability, although it has been continuously rising over the years. Therefore, following the changes in the daily gold price is of utmost economic importance to the Egyptians, who are keen to acquire the 21-gauge gold as the average in terms of quality and price among all the other gold coins such as 18 and 24 and other other caliber, and follow you over the hours Today, the price action of gold, after the relative stability experienced by gold prices over three consecutive days, and is expected to break today during the trading Monday, to succeed gold to record more highs follow with you and move them successively.

To be the price of gold today and until the moment at the current limit: –
21 caliber today the price of 660 pounds,
And the price of a gram of gold 18-caliber record 566 pounds,
And the price of gold 24-gram record 754 pounds,
The price of the gold fairy is 5280 pounds.
A link is worth mentioning gold prices Domestically and domestically, the official and informal dollar markets impose on them transactions affecting supply and demand, which result in an increase in prices and vice versa, with an increase Prices of the dollar In banks again after a two-week decline, gold followed suit again in the Egyptian markets and stores gold and goldsmiths.
To record the prices of different gold prices today until the hour as shown in the following table
** It should be noted that the following prices without the addition of workmanship and stamp, taking into account the difference in prices from one place to another.
Gold prices on Monday according to the latest update

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Gold prices in the goldsmith shops
Gold prices in goldsmiths and gold markets in Egypt are the previous prices in addition to 25 to 60 pounds added to each gram of gold coins as a “stamp and industrial” at the time of purchase only, but in the case of sale sold the gram at the net price without the addition of stamp and industrial , To vary the amount of increase in all gold prices in various governorates of the Republic from one place to another.
We keep track of the latest gold price news today in Egypt, which is witnessing continuous highs throughout the day, and we follow with you shortly the prices of gold in the various provinces at the goldsmiths and gold traders, monitoring live and direct until the hour in our daily updates continue.
Update of the first hour on Monday, 16/4/2018
Gold prices today in Egypt, as part of the continuous daily follow-up of prices of precious gold around the clock, which has maintained the stability of prices on the rise since the beginning of trading this week on Saturday and the continuation of the transactions of the week on Monday, after the gold reached its current price At the close of trading last week, amid anticipation of dealers in the gold market, which will result in Monday’s transactions of possible changes in the price of gold in Egypt.
Update at 11:00 am Morning trading is continuing now on gold prices in Egypt, and the continuation of the total stability in gold prices now until now, where the price of grams of 21 caliber in the recording of 662 pounds without any changes, with the rest of the rest of the other gold and other prices of the pound and the golden ounces both , To continue to follow the changes in the price of gold today and is expected to see a change in the coming hours, to be transmitted successively continuously and continuously throughout the different working hours today until the end of the evening.
Update at 12:50 pm
Today’s trading on the price of gold in Egypt, carried by the “Guide to Egypt” in the framework of continuous updates, has seen the precious metal price now retreat from the limit opened by the morning transactions today, to record a decline of two pounds and settle at the limit of 660 pounds instead of 662 pounds Just before the price of grams of 21-caliber most types of gold-plated demand and circulation and demand, with expectations of more moves today in the price of gold in the coming hours, which we follow and move them successively.


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