The price of masks will drop sharply in a few weeks

These days, it’s a budget that can quickly climb to 300 euros per month (1), in the midst of charges such as rent and the food budget: that of masks.

From the start of the school year, the price of masks, the wearing of which is becoming compulsory in more and more places and municipalities, could drop sharply, or even be halved. The reason? Distributors’ stocks are full and salespeople are no longer in a rush to get supplies.

Already since the beginning of July, sales of this product had started to rise sharply, in the face of growing concern about a second wave and its obligation in enclosed public places.

Twice as many manufacturers

Suppliers, who have doubled in recent times in China, are working more and more and delivery has greatly expanded with the gradual resumption of maritime trade, which greatly reduces costs for resellers.

Thus, the current stocks of mass distribution will be sold at the prices that have prevailed since deconfinement. But those which arrive, obtained at a lower price, will be sold at a lower price.

Intermarché like Carrefour already assure that it will offer new prices in September. Today, a box of 50 masks is sold for an average of 25 euros.

Between May 4 and July 20, masks generated a turnover of 175 million in mass distribution.

1. In case the surgical masks are used correctly, a mask should not be used for more than 4 hours.

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