The prices of the participation in the packages of sports bein sports carrier of the World Cup Russia 2018

The prices of the participation in the packages of sports bein sports carrier of the World Cup Russia 2018

The prices of the participation in the World Cup sport packages bein sports are presented to you in this article, especially for football fans and those interested in following the 2018 World Cup finals, after the sports bein sports, Sports player for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, during a recent statement by the channels, for a limited period for those wishing to make new subscriptions or to renew their subscriptions for viewers in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and all Arab countries who are fans of football. The bn sports channel announced the prices of the packages in all the Arab countries except Egypt, which cne network did not announce the final prices in Egypt, where the network is cne is responsible for broadcasting channels inside Egypt and the negotiations are still ongoing between the Qatari company And the Egyptian company on the final prices, and we offer you through this article the prices of participation in sports packages bein sports sports carrier for the World Cup Russia 2018, and you can also follow the World Cup games by adjusting your devices on the frequency of open channels for the World Cup, All channels Tanker for World Cup matches. Subscription prices for the BN Sport packages Subscription prices for the BN Sport packages BN Sport Packages Prices The sports bin sports channel has announced the price of the BN Sport sports packages for the 2018 World Cups, which includes the 6 channels of the BBC Sport, and the 6 channels will feature games and analytical studios in different languages ​​as follows: “BEIN SPORTS HD1 MAX AND BEIN SPORTS HD2 MAX”. English, French and Spanish “The rest of the BBC Sport channels”. The Bundesliga packages for the World Cup are separate from other package offerings. These packages include channels that will only transport World Cup matches. The packages can only follow matches and all events related to the 2018 World Cup in Russia. As follows:

$ 130 in the Gulf States. $ 90 in the rest of the Arab countries. The BBC Sport channels enable bein Connect, which allows you to watch World Cup matches from anywhere in the world for only $ 50, and you can watch live games for a month at $ 64. World Cup World Cup Offers BEIN SPORTS offers a range of offers starting on February 21 and continuing for a limited period. Offers include free World Cup packages for new or completed subscribers by renewing their subscription. The previous offer is for the complete package only, a package for the year that is paid annually for $ 300. Subscription prices in Egypt The prices of subscriptions in Egypt were: 1620 pounds plus 14% “added tax” for current subscribers. EGP 1,800 plus 14% “added tax” for new subscribers. Thus the subscription prices for new subscribers after the addition of the tax 2050 pounds. The price of the BBC Sport receiver in Egypt Pn Sport in Egypt The price of the BBC Sport receiver has risen in the Egyptian market recently, due to the noticeable demand for buying it by football fans in Egypt, which is increasing in numbers, and the price of the BBC Sport in Egypt recently to 1950 pounds. Read also Note: The content of this news was written by Egyptian Stars It does not express a point of view Egypt today But was transferred content as it is from Egyptian Stars We are not responsible for the content of the news and the responsibility of the previous source.

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