TThe castle later became the seat of the British colonial government, then became the seat of the Ghanaian government after the declaration of independence, and is now converted into a museum where the architect Sir David Adjaye tells his story to visitors.

After the visit was over, the prince was persuaded to attend an improvised dance party. He received a small Ghanaian percussion instrument to play a lead role in a local band waiting outside.

Presented with a calabash, a small instrument not unlike the maracas, he shook it playfully to the beat of the music as he danced, to the delight of the locals in Osu.

In the afternoon, the Duchess of Cornwall visited Jamestown in Accra for an event celebrating youth culture, music, art, sports and heritage.

At the humidity of 31 ° C, the Duchess used her colorful hand fan to beat up happy footballs, which flew over and over again.

On Sunday they fly to Kumasi, also to Ghana, to see a spectacular Durbar, a ceremony honoring the leaders, and drinking tea with The Asantehene.

The documentary Prince, Son And Heir: Charles At 70 airs on BBC One at 9:00 pm on Thursday, November 8th.



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