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"The priority is to increase sales," says Joe DaGrosa

Joe DaGrosa is back in his first month at the helm of the Girondins de Bordeaux. – Nicolas Tucat / AFP

  • Joe DaGrosa looks back on his first month at Girondins de Bordeaux.
  • Macia, Longuépée, Varela, the Mercato, the DNCG … he takes care of all the current affairs of his club.
  • The priority for him today is to increase revenue quickly.

One month It's all stacked up a month ago Joe DaGrosa became the owner of
Girondins from Bordeaux. From this historic date on 6th November, the president of GACP gradually discovers the club and the world of French football. He multiplies the dates, right, left. The sleep hours are rare. Despite this busy schedule, the new boss has received Navy and White
20 minutes more than an hour to return to all the news of the club.

How's your job going?

Everything is going well so far. We observe, we look … In a few weeks it is not easy to change everything. For example, there is a team in the field and you can not touch it. We will not be able to make any general changes before January, but that does not stop us from working actively to quickly improve the team and club.

What's your first inventory?

Today, our priority is finding solutions to increase sales. We are working hard to see how we can improve stadium and partnership spending. We meet a lot of people for that. It's a bit like a volcano, there are a lot of things below the surface. You will see, there will be changes, both on and off the field! This generally confirms what we have always believed: there are great opportunities to make a positive difference to the club.

How did you live the game against PSG?

A dream came true. We said we wanted to play with big teams like PSG, and our players proved it in this game.

Is Eduardo Macia your sports director? Why is he still not there?

We can not comment on him, even if we know him for a year. Hugo [Varela] has known him for a while. I think if we can do it, it will add a lot of value to the club. There are currently no changes, but they can change quickly. Our sporting goal is to build the team.

Is Alain Roche another credible candidate?

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Why is not Hugo Varela your sports director, because he gets the agents and players after all?

There is a big misunderstanding about Hugo. It is part of my project. We invest in sports around the world and I count on its expertise, especially in football. He is my partner and my adviser. Our job is not to get into a club and do what others do not. Our job is to attract the most competent and talented people. When it comes to talking to players and agents, it's both my job and the work of Hugo Varela.

Are your relations with Frédéric Longuépée tense, as some people suggest?

Well, everybody is looking for the little beast here. My job is to put on the best and put you in the best position to work. We need to get people to come up with new ideas, and then we'll discuss these ideas together. But there are people in the club who use these disagreements to show that there is tension!

Joe DaGrosa, Hugo Varela and Frédéric Longuépée (from left to right) at Matmut Atlantique.
Joe DaGrosa, Hugo Varela and Frédéric Longuépée (from left to right) at Matmut Atlantique. – Nicolas Tucat / AFP

He has power over the athlete?

Hugo (Varela) also speaks to the agent, Frédéric (Longuépée). We are partners Hugo trusts me, I trust him too. We think like a group. There is no problem.

On the transfer window … (he quickly interrupts the question)

Above all, I want to make one thing clear. This summer, we quickly realized that talking to players and coaches is not possible without M6 approval. The only thing we could do was accept or reject the M6 ​​chords. We had no opportunity to negotiate. We suggested names, but M6 declined them. They gave us the name and the price of the player, we could say yes or no.

How much will you invert during the next transfer window?

100 million euros. No, that's a joke (laughs). We will try to achieve the best for the club. We will announce good news soon. A budget It can not be said because there would be information for all the other clubs. You have to be patient. We also have to make the right decisions for the years to come.

Does King Street, the other owner, put pressure on you?

It is our financial partner. Your president for me, also for Hugo (Varela), we all work together. The relationship is very good. We all want the same for the club, we are on the same wavelength. The pressure does not come from King Street, but from supporters for me. But it's a good pressure.

How do you approach your passage before the DNCG (National Direction of Management Control)?

We are working on this meeting on the 11th of December. These people are very competent and that's fine. They understand the numbers, so it's easier for us because it's a very complicated transaction and they can understand it all.

Which player impresses you the most?

Hugo (laughs)! They all do a very good job, we see it in the last games. After that, it is difficult to say who is good, who is bad, but of course I can quote François Kamano.


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