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The prizes do not give better jobs: Adam Driver

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Los Cabos.- In recent years, Adam Driver went from being an actor of series like Girls to a movie star with films like Star wars.

During this time, Driver has sought to mix his more independent cutting projects with those he recognizes, they will be a success at the box office.

However, for him, success is not important and being nominated or winning a prize is not something he craves, despite the fact that in recent years he has worked alongside Oscar-winning filmmakers such as Clint Eastwood, Jim Jarmusch, Spike Lee , Terry Gilliam or The Cohen brothers.

"The awards are part of my job but I do not care. What I appreciate about the awards is when they are representing the collaborative spirit of a movie, "Driver said in an interview.

The Californian does not share the belief that with more recognitions will come better jobs, for him the important thing is to be in different projects, therefore, considers that being nominated is only part of being an actor.

"I do not think it gives you more opportunities, that's a myth."

Driver, who arrived at the seventh edition of Los Cabos Film Festival on Thursday, told the media that the way he sees fame is different from what people have in mind. Therefore, before thinking about being successful, he likes to analyze the stories he wants to tell.

"A film is not about you, someone had to record, what to write and someone was the benefactor of that. Then I see it as something good for the movie. "

For Adam, who presented the films Who Killed Don Quixote? and BlacKkKlansman, the actors should not be the most important part of a feature film, but neither should the director.


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