The Pro TV star who receives 200,000 euros salary per season from Romanians have talent! How much did Mihai Petre and Smiley earn

Romanians have talent

The show Romanians have talent has reached its 11th edition and continues to be the most successful television project in our country. Millions of viewers watched each episode and managed to turn PRO TV into an absolute audience leader. Smiley, Pavel Bartoș, Andi Moisescu and Andra are the four stars who have been since the number 1 edition.

Their contracts were very good from the beginning, but it seems that the fees increased with their success and that of the show. Along the way, other stars were co-opted into the project. Mihaela Rădulescu, who now presents Ferma, was also a juror and according to she would have collected the largest amount of money in the show’s history, over 250,000 euros per season.

What salary did Mihai Petre receive from Pro TV

On the 2nd place in salaries are Florin Călinescu and Smiley, who according to the same source would have received 200,000 euros per season from Pro TV. At the opposite end would be Mihai Petre with only 30,000 euros per season. Although the amount is still very large, compared to his colleagues he is practically a missile.

If we gather only the contracts of the stars of the jury and of the two presenters, we find out that Pro TV pays one million euros only for the salaries of those who appear in front. But the revenues from the show are certainly appropriate, because the commercials placed during the show Romanians have talent are very expensive.

For the 11th edition, Mihai Petre was replaced by the jury by Alexandra Dinu, Adrian Mutu’s ex-wife. According to VoxBiz sources, the reason why it was decided for him to leave was related to money and from here started a series of misunderstandings with the management team.


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