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That Donald Trump would arrive at the State of the Union speech on Tuesday night exonerated from the impeachment, in the absence of the final vote this Wednesday, it was an incontestable fact. But he would address the plenary session of Congress and the nation during prime time, feeling full and with the best starting signal for his re-election in 2020, the monumental chaos in the count of Democratic votes in the Iowa caucuses has been served on the plate. .

The president could not be more satisfied, when after a night of confusion and ridiculous national Democratic Party, who spent the night to end up sleeping without a winner, the president was dispatched with ease on Twitter to say that “nothing” worked in the Democratic camp. If they could not count a handful of votes, how could they lead a nation.

Faced with the established anarchy is that small Midwestern State, a huge certainty: In Iowa there was only one winner and that man was Donald Trump. Because even when a winner was already known, he would be quickly phagocyted by the following news cycle: the speech of the state of the Union that the president would deliver on Wednesday night.

Overflowing with capital letters in his writing on Twitter and exultant in the comments, the president of the nation wondered sarcastic when the Democrats would begin to blame Russia for the fiasco instead of considering their own incompetence, in a clear reference to Moscow’s interference in the 2016 presidential elections that gave him the victory. “It’s not Iowa’s fault,” the tycoon tweeted, defending that those caucuses remain the first in the nation and do not lose that status. The fault is “of the Democrats who don’t know how to do anything,” he continued. “As long as I remain president, Iowa will remain where it is. Important tradition! ”He announced.

The annual speech of the state of the Union – Trump’s third since 2017 is not considered such because he was newly elected – is the product of many months of work. And yet, the title of such seemed a premonition of what was happening in American politics. “The Great American Comeback” is the definition of how the president and his advisors see his presidency, how the Phoenix rises from unconsummed ashes after almost six months of political trial supposedly called to scrutinize Trump and his Administration in relation to The scandal of Ukraine.

On Tuesday night, Trump would be face to face with the Democrats who have sat on the virtual bench of the accused politicians. Notable absences were expected, such as Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren who were combing the State of New Hampshire to scratch votes in those primaries. At his back he will have the president of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, the woman who opened the dishonorable door for her (failed) dismissal at the end of September.

Regarding this impeachment which would offer its sung final result on Wednesday, White House spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham said Tuesday she did not believe Trump should refer to him. “I think this has already lasted too long and, if you look at the polls, the American people are, frankly, bored of it.” Trump’s advisors don’t seem to have them all with them. And although they have recommended that you stay as far away as you can from referring to the impeachmentEveryone is aware that the president is unpredictable and goes free. Louisiana Republican Senator Bill Cassidy wondered: “Can anyone imagine what President Trump is going to do.” “Of course, I don’t,” he replied emphatically.

If we go back to history, Bill Clinton delivered his State of the Union address in 1999 on the same day his legal team began its defense against the Senate. During his speech, which lasted just over an hour, Clinton did not mention even once impeachment. Those who wrote their dissertations said they did not think otherwise. The Democrat adhered to the bonanzas of bipartisanship and dived on optimistic issues with which to excite his citizens.

While Republicans secretly implored for a conciliatory approach, some Democratic senators feared that Trump would arrive at the most important and most viewed speech of the year in total campaign, bellicose and bragging mode. “I think once again he will be the president,” said Montana Democratic Senator Jon Tester. What this means is open to interpretation.

During a conference with American reporters on what would be the keys to the speech, a head of the Administration declared that the president would rely on five areas: 1) the great development of the working class that relates to its trade negotiations with China, Mexico and Canada ; 2) domestic policies to help working families with work leave; 3) healing; 4) illegal immigration; and 5) national security.

“We are going to give a very, very positive message,” the president said during the weekend. And that was when the Iowa caucuses had not yet fallen for the shame of a catastrophic vote count and Trump did not cherish his re-election so much.

The Senate prepares to close the trial against the president

“History will not be kind to Trump,” said yesterday in the Senate the leader of the Intelligence Committee of the US House of Representatives, Adam Schiff, before the impending acquittal of the president, Donald Trump, in his political trial. “I hope and pray that we never have a president like him in the Democratic Party, a president who would betray national interest and security to achieve his re-election,” Schiff added a day before Judge John Roberts closed his club. the third impeachment that comes to an end against a president of the United States.

Republican senators and Democrats, more divided than ever, yesterday presented their final arguments in the last hours of the trial against the president. A process that began on the 16th and will end today with the foreseeable acquittal, given the Republican majority in the Senate, which will not allow the necessary two-thirds to be reunited for the president to be removed from office.

The House of Representatives accused Trump on December 18 of committing abuse of power for asking the president of Ukraine to investigate a political rival (Joe Biden, vice president and Democratic candidate in the primaries) to harm him in the 2020 elections, and of obstruction to Congress for blocking access to testimonies and documents during the investigation.

For Democrats, Trump’s acquittal of the charge of obstruction would be “a fatal blow” to the possibility of a president’s political trial, set in the Constitution. It would imply, according to the Democratic position, that a president can thwart a challenge and believe himself above the law.

The president’s defense advocated total acquittal. “The Washington Democrats believe that President Trump committed a crime at the same time he defeated Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election,” said Senate majority leader Republican Mitch McConnell. “This is the original sin of his presidency, which he won and they lost,” he said. “You have to absolve the president,” said Pat Cipollone, a lawyer for the Trump defense team. “It is the only conclusion to this process,” said the lawyer, for whom Democrats seek to interfere with the electoral process already underway.

Trump has argued during the trial that it is a farce, an alleged partisan deception of “the radical left and inept Democrats” orchestrated by “Nancy Nerviosa Pelosi”, referring to the president of the House of Representatives; and of the leader of the Democratic minority in the Senate, whom he has disparagingly called “llorica Chuck Schumer”.



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