The product exchange celebrates its 100th anniversary

On August 18, 1921, our stock exchange was founded on the initiative of the Würzburg City Council in agreement with the Chamber of Commerce and District Farmers as well as the relevant interested parties from trade, agriculture, cooperatives and the processing industry. The Product Exchange Würzburg eV announced this in a press release. The origins of the exchange date well before this date, namely at the beginning of the 19th century.

The basis was the Schrannenordnung approved by the government of Lower Franconia from March 30, 1830 and the opening of the newly built Schrannenhalle. According to the announcement, the basis of the development of the grain trade in the region was the location of Würzburg in the middle of one of the best Bavarian production areas. The origins of this forerunner of the actual exchange were an open market and the so-called Schrannenverkehr. The Schrannenhalle was finally opened on September 1, 1860. In the mid-1880s, a local wholesaler concentrated on meeting with the rural traders and larger farmers in Café Hirschen at the Vierröhrenbrunnen on Saturdays.

350 companies were there at the beginning

The reason for the establishment of an exchange was the fact that the Café Hirschen, where the regular meetings took place at that time, was acquired by Dresdner Bank for the establishment of a branch. Attorney Schraud, who later moved from the Chamber of Commerce to the stock exchange, was commissioned to draw up the articles of association, stock exchange and arbitration rules. After its preparatory work, the founding meeting took place in the Würzburg town hall on August 20, 1921, the association already had 120 member companies at that time. The city of Würzburg made the rooms of the municipal Schrannenhalle available to the stock exchange.

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After the founding meeting, the membership was 350 companies. With an ordinance of September 30, 1934, the Reich Minister of Economics ordered the direct subordination of the stock exchange, excluding all state authorities, to the Ministry of Law and incorporation into the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Today the exchange still has 55 members

In March 1949, on the initiative of the then Lord Mayor, Dr. Grünewald undertook the reconstitution of the stock exchange. On June 30, 1949, the regular stock market events were resumed. On March 3, 1951, the stock exchange was again recognized as the official state commodity exchange, which continues to this day. In 1987 an appealing setting was found again by renting rooms from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. According to the announcement, the stock exchange meetings are now taking place in the Department of Agriculture. The stock exchange meetings are always held on Fridays. In the course of time, however, the number of visitors and the number of members decreased considerably due to the merger of individual companies. The exchange now has 55 members. The Würzburg e. V. is a public corporation. The first chairman has been Bernhard Zehner from Ludwig Zehner Agrarhandel GmbH & Co. KG, Bad Königshofen, for several years. The office of the stock exchange is Stuttgarter 2, 97084 Würzburg. Rüdinger has been the managing director for 40 years, the announcement concludes.


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