The production of Cybertruck is said to be moving again, the reason may be the competition

Recent speculation about a further shift in Tesla Cybertruck production seems to have a real basis. So how long will customers wait?

Elon Musk introduced the futuristic Tesla Cybertruck pick-up in 2019, fans and the first customers, so far only subscribers, but still not sure when they will see the production version for the first time and sit behind the wheel for the first time.

Cybertruck was supposed to start production as early as 2021, but in August of the same year the carmaker postponed the deadline to next year, ie 2022. Elon Musk subsequently specified that production would probably start later in 2022, while full production should start later in 2023.

Relatively recently, we witnessed strange modifications to the Tesla website, or directly to the Cybertruck card, where the carmaker made special changes. One of the main reasons for this was automatically to postpone the start of production, which, however, no one commented on.

However, according to exclusive information from the Reuters website, which should come from a source close to the car manufacturer, the first estimates came true. The start of production could be postponed until 2023, specifically the end of its first quarter.

One of the reasons for the postponement of production should be the carmaker’s efforts to expand the possibilities and features of the electric pick-up, which will have to establish itself among the constantly growing competition. Tesla is not used to such a position – she was a pioneer in most segments, but now she is pulling for a shorter end.

The Cybertruck was introduced only in the form of a concept that should undergo a few more changes, but Ford has already introduced the production F-150 Lightning, while Rivian has even started delivering the first pieces of the electric pick-up R1T. In addition, other competition is growing like mushrooms after the rain.

Again, however, it is worth recalling that information about the latest shift in production is still only speculation. However, if they were confirmed, it would mean that the first people interested in Cybertruck would have to wait almost four years from the premiere after the delivery of the car.