The professor at the TU said that Xi Jinping was detained as fake news.

After #XiJinping became the #1 trend on Twitter yesterday evening. Until causing many people to keep an eye on the “rumours” of this story a lot. Recently, Ajarn Aksri Panichsan posted a message confirming that it was “fake news”.

from the online world It was discussed and passed on. Rumors of President Xi Jinping’s detention and could lead to a coup in China #XiJinping trending on Twitter No. 1 overnight, many people noted that This may be just a “rumor” as China’s general assembly is nearing its agenda, or the Chinese leader may be detaining himself in his home. Because they just completed a mission from a trip abroad in the last 2 weeks, but there are still many people who ask questions and try to find answers and confirmations from the main media around the world. including the Chinese authorities which has not been confirmed anywhere until now.

Recently, the personal Facebook page of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Aksornsri Panichsan, Lecturer of the Faculty of Economics Thammasat University Former Director of the Thai-Chinese Strategic Research Center of the National Research Office (NRCT), a Chinese economic expert has posted a confirmation about this rumor that

“Checked Release and fake news.”

and answered the question again confirming that

“Recheck until you’re sure it’s not true.”

After a large number of people inquired