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The professor of Cudillero attacked a week ago at the parties in Florida dies

He fought until the end but it could not be.David Carragal Garay, the 33-year-old teacher beaten in the early hours of Monday when he returned home from the Florida festivities, has died at the Central University Hospital of Asturias (HUCA)where he remained admitted and where in the last hours he debated between life and death.

The family of the deceased has confirmed the news. Early in the morning they were advancing"bad very bad"and feared the worst of the outcomes,"We do not believe it will happen today."That fear was fulfilled late in the morning. The doctors did some tests at one in the afternoon and later the death was decreed. Carragal leaves a deep impression in Cudillero, the place where he was natural and in which this swimming monitor was very well known. In fact, his whole life is linked to the town. The boy studied at the Los Cabos School and the IES Selgas.I had been living in Oviedo for just one year.

David Carragal remained sedated and stable in the first days of admission, but as the week progressed, things went wrong. Tests carried out on Friday certified the aggravation and led the doctors to carry out an emergency intervention. Far from improving, the situation was worse, until yesterday, when it was debated between life and death. "He is very bad, but clinging to life and fighting, because he is a great athlete", commented a cousin yesterday who throughout the day remained in the hospital following the evolution of his relative."He struggled a lot to live but he ran out of strength"


Family members cry for justice for the perpetrators of the beating.The information indicates that there were at least three young people, between 18 and 24 approximately, who went after the victim after one of them asked him for tobacco and obtained a response from the injured person who was not a smoker.

The officers so far have the testimony of the two companions of the victim. The investigators need more witnesses to be able to narrow the fence to some aggressors among those who would be "a boy of considerable height", according to sources close to the investigation."The barbarism of these murderers can not be like that", said the wounded cousin yesterday. OwnCity Council of Cudillerohas published a request for the search of witnesses.

It remains to be clarified whether the aggression perpetrated by the youth was a case or punctual or, on the contrary, it is an organized group that could use violence to extort passers-by from the area.


Cudillero City Council has convened for Tuesday a minute of silence, at 12.00 in the Plaza de San Pedro. It will be the way to make pineapple and live together "one of the darkest days" of the municipality. This has been indicated by the Corporation, withCarlos Valle in front of the Mayor's Office. Valle today conveyed condolences "to the family and friends of Carragal","remaining at your entire disposal" for what you might need.

"From this moment we have to join efforts to achieve greater agility in the search and be, without a doubt, forceful, take the life of a person has to go very expensive," they say from the Mayor in an official statement.The councilman has declared two days of official mourning in the council and flags will fly at half mast from tomorrow.

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