The program for the new cultural season has arrived!

The artists are making their comeback in the various cultural venues in Bastia and will perform all year round to make young and old laugh, sing and dance. This time again, the program is rich with a myriad of names in various fields, whether experienced or novice, filmmakers or musicians, from the Corsican or international scene. Find from this month of September no less than:

  • 18 musical performances including the exceptional concert of Jeanne Added and the expected return ofThe Messengersthe bewitching tunes of Patrice Fontanarosa and Mozart’s Magic Flute (translated into Corsican language)
  • 9 dance shows of all styles, including Going to the University or classical ballet Nutcracker
  • 5 one-man-shows or pasquinadas (so as not to offend the comedian Haroun) with young talents already recognized in their field, who will discover Bastia scenes such as Maxime Castle or find them Aymeric Lompret
  • 10 performances for childrenalso very varied, to (re)discover plays such as Puss in Boots or The Travelers of Crimeor explore the whimsical worlds of Gus the illusionist and of Zorbalov and the magic organ.

Within this already very busy agenda, you can also find the festivals that have brought culture to life in the city for many years, namely Italian Film Festival, which will celebrate its 35th anniversaryor BD in Bastiawithout forgetting the 40th edition of Arte Mare, but also Cinema Gives, Sound Arts Festival.

Through this eclectic and captivating program, also including the 33rd Mediterranean Meetingsthe City of Bastia reaffirms its desire to promote Culture, that of all cultures, to everyone, in line with the candidacy Bastia Corsica 2028.

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