The program “RTL treats you” while in Chartres

On the Serpente café terrace, the atmosphere is relaxed. The setting obviously has a lot to do with it: at the foot of the cathedral, in the shade, we protect ourselves from this hot day ahead.

Jean-Michel Zecca, presenter of the culinary show, underlines it from the start of the direct: “In the shade of this sumptuous cathedral, the weather is dreamy. To top it off, local players come to unveil Eurelian specialties. Four exceptional guests took turns at the microphone: Michelin-starred chef Thomas Parnaud; the charcutier Bruno Perineau, specialist in pâté de Chartres; Blandine Crosnier, from the L’Eurélienne brewery; and Henri Prevosteau, producer of strawberries.

Meeting with Bruno Perineau, ambassador of the pâté de Chartres

Revisiting the France of the regions

From Monday to Friday until August 21, RTL unveils the story of a dish and an artisan every day. If the show has existed for four years, the 2020 season evolves in a different context, known to all. “With this particular summer, the French are staying at home. Franco-French tourism works quite well. We wanted to revisit the France of the regions ”, specifies Jean Michel Zecca. The latter invalidates the postulate of “terroir without terroir” to designate the Eurelian region. “There are passionate people who have talent. “Nothing better than to illustrate it by exclaiming” This pâté de Chartres is magnificent! »When it is served at the table.Blandine Crosnier, from the brasserie L’Eurélienne.

L’Eurélienne beer honored at the Agricultural Show

The craft of L’Eurélienne beer in the spotlight
Among the guests of the show, there was Blandine Crosnier, from the farm brewery L’Eurélienne. This establishment is a family affair. “My son Vincent took us in the beer. He has been on the farm since 2005. ”This 100% Eurelian beer is made from the farm’s cereals, transformed into malt. With the renaissance of microbreweries in recent years, L’Eurélienne has managed to preserve its craftsmanship. “Customers ask us for quality beer, which tastes and will stay in the mouth. A craft beer can be enjoyed by taking your time. »L’Eurélienne offers a variety of 14 beers. The essential remains the lager, produced at 90% with the cereals of the farm

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