The promised deadline has arrived, and the Gaira Health Center has not yet been delivered

In the year 2016 the Mayor’s Office of Santa Marta carried out the demolition of the Gaira Health Centerwithin the framework of the promises to renew the hospital network of the city “making it the most modern in the country”, as indicated by the mayor at that time, Raphael Martinez.

The work that should be ready in a few months has ended up taking more than seven years. In the meantime, medical care has been provided irregularly in some rented homes, so the emergencies presented have to be directed to the La Paz Health Center.

After the continuous complaints presented by the community, due to the insulting delay, the mayor Virna Johnson assured in January of this year that the Gaira Health Center, whose cost exceeds $3,896 millionit would be delivered in a month.

“The Gaira health center is advancing as stipulated in the contract, at this moment it is in a 70% execution. It is already in the last details of the work, which we hope will be finished very quickly and in February we are inaugurating it”, indicated the president.

Excusing himself, that although he had promised that it would be delivered in December “the rains prevented it.”

Although now there is no rain or any major contingency, the mayor of Town 3, Diego García, denounced that not only failed to deliver to the medical center but also the administration asked for a new term of four months.

“Once again we call on Mayor Virna Johnson to speed up work at the Gaira Health Center. This was to be delivered on February 19 but this administration announces 4 more months of delay. How much longer should we wait in our community? questioned the mayor.

So far neither the mayor Virna Johnson, nor the Ministry of Health has ruled on the matter.