The promising beginnings of the digital health record

In October 2021, three French departments (Somme, Loire-Atlantique and Haute-Garonne) were chosen as pilot departments for the deployment of the future digital health record. In its press release, the Health Insurance considers this first experiment to be a real success.

A first experiment with the digital health record

This system piloted by the Ministry of Solidarity and Health and by the Health Insurance allows users to manage their health data such as their prescriptions or their exam results. It is also possible in one click to share them with the chosen health professionals.

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Digital health record

This is what the digital health record offered by the Health Insurance under the name of Mon Espace Santé looks like. Screenshot: Health Insurance.

If for the moment, the functionalities are reduced, the Health Insurance specifies that its tool will “be gradually enriched in the coming months with new functionalities, such as the direct supply of the results of examinations and care carried out in town. and in hospitals, new digital services for prevention, appointment scheduling, telemedicine, as part of a catalog of applications integrated into My health space. “

Currently, 3.3 million people have a profile that allows them to access their digital health record. Only 0.7% of users have not opened an account online. On this basis of millions of users, only 160,000 users actually use their space, for an average duration of use of ten minutes.

A system that will be launched nationally from 2022

Thanks to this experiment, the Health Insurance was able to test the functioning of its tool and its complementarity with the software of health professionals. At the same time, a financing plan has been put in place to update this software so that they can send any medical document to their patients via the digital health record.

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Santeos, a subsidiary of Wordline and Atos, has been entrusted with the heavy task of securely hosting all user health data. Assurance Maladie has undoubtedly made the choice to opt for French hosts in connection with the choice of Cédric O to switch the Health Data Hub, from Microsoft to a French host.

According to a survey carried out by France Assos Santé among 1,500 people, 3 out of 4 people would be in favor of the automatic creation of their digital health record. From 2022, the 98 other French departments will have the possibility of accessing My health space.