the ProMotion screen benefits the iPhone 13 Pro

The iPhone 13 and the iPhone 13 Pro have identical dimensions but the two smartphones do not carry the same batteries. The iPhone 13 is indeed equipped with a larger battery than the Pro model, at 12.41 Wh instead of 11.97 Wh, or 4% more. However, Apple promises better autonomy on the Pro model: up to 22 hours of video playback, against 19 hours on the classic model.

How do I get more range on the Pro model with a slightly smaller battery? The answer lies on the side of the ProMotion screen: you might think that switching to a 120 Hz panel would lose battery life, but ProMotion technology allows the screen to considerably reduce its refresh rate in the event of a ‘fixed display. If the iPhone 13 Pro’s screen is therefore able to go up to 120 Hz for smoother animations, it is also able to go down to only 10 Hz for a fixed display while the iPhone 13 remains constantly stuck at 60 Hz .

For playing videos at 24 Hz, the iPhone 13 Pro therefore pulls out of the game and beats the iPhone 13 despite a less battery capacity. For mixed use of everyday life, PhoneBuff carried out an interesting test where it compared the iPhone 13 and the iPhone 13 Pro on various applications with robotic arms allowing to obtain exactly the same interactions on the two phones. . The result is to the advantage of the iPhone 13 Pro, but with a minimal difference between the two models: there is in the end only 9 minutes of difference (9:42 for the iPhone 13 and 9:51 for the iPhone 13 Pro).

This test is excellent news for ProMotion technology: it does not lose autonomy and even allows to gain some, even if the gains are different according to the uses and that it will not really be a selling point for the models. Pro. The autonomy of the iPhone 13 Pro remains in any case slightly ahead of that of the iPhone 13 despite a smaller battery, and this will be an argument for the integration of ProMotion screens in other Apple products at the same time. future (hello, the Mac).

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