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The prosecution wants Maria Butina to be in office for 18 months, exceeding expectations

"The activities in question in this case are part of Russia's wider program of gathering information and building relationships and communication channels that can be used for the benefit of the Russian Federation," the prosecution wrote in its memorandum on Friday before the ruling.

The prosecution wrote that Butina was not a traditional spy or "trained intelligence officer" but was trying to help Russia at the expense of US national security. They call her an "Access Agent" – a person who has been used by her foreign government to set up a back channel for communication and diplomacy through Republican organizations.

"Had she done so successfully, the risks to the United States would have included the damage to the country's political processes, internal governance, and US foreign policy interests," the prosecutor wrote.

However, they find that they "did not fare well" with former Russian ambassador to the US, Sergey Kislyak.

In her condemned conviction on Friday, Butina also asked a federal judge to release her from prison and send her to Russia after spending nine months in prison since her arrest for acting as a foreign agent to the Russian government.

Her defense attorneys put her on trial Friday night as a serious student in America, simply keeping in touch with powerful lenders in her home country.

They add that she has worked with investigators. CNN previously reported that it had talked with prosecutors about their friend and was briefly questioned about the investigations of the special lawyer.

She also spoke to the Senate Intelligence Committee for an eight-hour volunteer interview, their lawyers wrote on Friday, giving them "thousands of pages of documents," including many referring to former Russian politician Alexander Torshin.

Butina will be sentenced next Friday. The prosecution has not yet given the judge a recommendation for their sentence. Her lawyers expressly demanded that she be sentenced to prison after her request in December.

"Maria Butina is a devoted daughter, a true idealist, and a compassionate civil activist," her defense lawyer wrote in her memo on Friday night. "Almost a year ago, she graduated from the American University with a pure" A "and brilliant career prospects and now her world has collapsed because it has been decided to help with a Russian official and discuss her amateur diplomacy efforts."

Butina, a 30-year-old weapons rights activist, admitted trying to engage with conservative political groups on behalf of Russia, notably with the support of Torshin, a former Russian Member of Parliament and former leader of the Russian Central Bank.

At the Friday night trial, her attorneys reported participating in an "announcement of the presidential campaign" and forwarding information to Torshin, an event that was "exciting." The relationship she maintained with Torshin "sparked" her need to educate the Ministry of Justice about her actions with Russians, her lawyers wrote.

"She did not infiltrate the NRA, and like millions, she helped out by filling in an online form and paying a fee, she did not seduce her numbers and did not give any Russian money, and nobody told her to so, "wrote her defenders.

Paul Erickson, a political activist accused of money laundering in South Dakota, is mentioned in her report as her friend and as someone who helped her design a plan for Russian-American diplomacy in the United States. She has worked with investigators investigating Erickson.

George O & # 39; Neill Jr., a Rockefeller heir, whom CNN had previously identified as US Person 2 in Butina's case, filed a letter in support of Butina. In it, he admitted that he supported her pursuing her master's degree at American University, where she studied.

In his letter, O'Neill also wrote: "For the last eight months, Maria has suffered a lot and saw that many of her dreams were crushed by political circumstances beyond her control and enabled her to be released without further punishment. "

O & Neill was not charged.

Butina's lawyers have not submitted a letter from Erickson.

Some letters from Butina's followers, including their family members, were submitted in Russian and translated into English.



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