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The prosecutor believes that the Govern favors Oriol Pujol for being the son of the former president

Remarks that only goes to sleep in prison for "the determined will of the administration that the inmate stay the minimum time in prison"

Antonio Moreno 03.05.2019 Barcelona Catalu

Antonio Moreno 03.05.2019 Barcelona Catalonia.OriolePujolleaves the Prison of Brians 1 of Barcelona. Photo: Antonio Moreno

La Fiscala has submitted a brief in the Prison Surveillance Court number 2 of Barcelona, ​​which opposes the award of article 100.2 of the prison regulations by the Treatment Board of Brians 1 to the former CDC general secretary Oriol Pujol, condemned by theITV case. The prosecutor states that "the application of article 100.2 of the prison regulations must be exceptional and the only exception that occurs in this case is that the inmate is the son of the former president of the Generalitat de Catalua, a member who has been prominent for many years. party founded by his father, that this party is a direct antecedent of the one currently governed by the Government of Catalonia, so that no citizen of this country escapes that the award of the initial third degree to the inmate and before its revocation, this form Respectful of the judicial resolutions, through the application of article 100.2 of the prison regulations, is due to the determined will of the administration that the inmate remains the minimum time in prison. "

On May 30, the Board of Treatment of Brians 1, jail in which Pujol was admitted after being revoked by the judge the concession of the third degree at the end of the same month, agreed that he could be applied to the inmate the so-called principle of flexibility of the Penitentiary Regulation, for which Department of Justice of the Generalitat allows the former Secretary General of the CDC to leave the jail daily to work or participate in volunteer activities. The decision came a week after the Prison Surveillance Court No. 2 of Barcelona revoked the third degree granted by the Government after spending less than 60 days in prison.

This decision must be endorsed by the Penitentiary Surveillance Court, which asked the Prosecutor's opinion. In his writing the Public Ministry details that "by the simple permanence of seven days more in the normal regime of the second degree the purposes of the penalty that is evident that they were about to fulfill in the appeal against the third degree, with only five actual days of observation, it is evident that it is not in a position to perform, which in fact is a new classification in third grade, even with a schedule in the school days broader than the one that had, so we are faced with a covert way of breaking the judicial resolution of revocation of the third degree ".

In addition, he adds that Pujol "committed the crimes for which he is serving a sentence in the exercise of his work, that before entering prison he had work, that despite the entry into prison he continues to have jobs and that with complete certainty once the penalty to continue from the first day having work and without a doubt, with an income very superior to the average of the rest of Spaniards ". That is why he believes that the argument that this article of the regulation is granted for labor issues "may have the least effect on treatment".

The prosecutor details that the Board established that Pujol can leave jail from Monday to Saturday between 8 in the morning and 10 in the evening and that he has not fulfilled a quarter of the two and a half years to which he was sentenced for himITV case.In this regard, he details that "when it comes to crimes considered socially serious, such as the one analyzed here, an assumption of political and economic corruption, the penalty must be identified with society and by the affected party as an effective sanction, in order to maintain the confidence in the rule of law for the proper functioning of the Public Administration and specifically in the principle of impartiality that must preside over the conduct of the persons who have the responsibility of making political decisions, which will not occur in the present case where a third-degree classification judicially revoked is granted a week later the exceptional régime of Article 100.2 with a greater time amplitude than the revoked third degree ".

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