The Prosecutor General’s Office demanded to remove the video message of the schema

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The Prosecutor General’s Office demanded to remove the video message published on the YouTube video hosting service of Sergiy (Romanov), banned in the ministry of the confessor of the Central Ural Monastery. She recognized the confession of the confessor about legitimizing the slaveholding power by voting on amendments to the Constitution and on the rule of Hasidim in Russia. This was reported by Novaya Gazeta, citing a representative of the monastery Vsevolod Moguchev and a notification from Roskomnadzor.

The interlocutor of the publication said that he would delete the video in which Romanov called for refusal to participate in the vote on constitutional amendments. Romanov’s video message was posted on Moguchev’s YouTube account on June 28. The notification of Roskomnadzor, which Moguchev handed over to the newspaper, states that the Prosecutor General’s Office recognized two fragments of his appeal as invalid. In one, Romanov urged not to go to polling stations, because it would legitimize the slaveholding power and the power of the future Antichrist, in the second he stated that Hasidim ruled Russia (one of the trends in Judaism).

At a sermon on April 26, servant Shegumen Sergius (Romanov), confessor of the Central Ural Monastery, stated that the coronavirus infection pandemic did not exist, and cursed everyone who called for the closure of churches because of it. After that, the covert dissident of the Russian Orthodox Church denied the right to preach and conduct divine services. In mid-June, a disgraced priest with his supporters occupied the monastery.

An administrative case has been opened against Romanov on the dissemination of fake news related to his denial of the coronavirus, he faces up to 100,000 rubles. a fine. In addition, the shiigumen is under church court and may be deprived of dignity. On June 27, TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak and director Sergey Yerzhenkov were injured in the monastery. During a skirmish, Yerzhenkova broke her arm, and the camera was taken from the film crew.



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