The Prosecutor’s Office and Legal Medicine work to clarify the tragedy in the Tuluá prison: Ministry of Justice

The Minister of Justice, Wilson Ruiz Orejuela, referred this Tuesday afternoon to the situation that took place in the Tuluá prison, Valle, where 51 inmates died and 23 were injured after a fire as a result of a riot.

Ruiz lamented the death of these people and indicated that the Attorney General’s Office and Legal Medicine are after the clarification of the facts.

“We are very sorry for the death of these people in the detention center of Tuluá, Valle. In the next few hours, the Attorney General’s Office will give us the preliminary report of the first 46 identified,” said the Minister.

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Likewise, the head of the Justice portfolio indicated that it was possible “to establish that in the early hours of the morning two inmates had a fight and one of them irresponsibly set fire to a mattress and finally there was the conflagration that the whole country knows “.

According to Wilson Ruiz, the vast majority of the inmates died after inhaling the smoke. In addition, he said that in this event two people were burned, however he specified that Legal Medicine will give the names of these two inmates.

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“We are after the investigation with the Prosecutor’s Office and Legal Medicine, so far 51 people have died. We will continue to investigate to find out if there are really 26 injured or 52 deceased,” the Minister reiterated.

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Finally, he stressed that “everything is under investigation. This is a preliminary report, to reassure the families of the inmates who are here (Tuluá, Valle), both convicted and accused.”