The Prosecutor’s Office opens new proceedings after the City Council’s legal report | Radio Club Tenerife | Present

The Prosecutor of the Provincial Court has opened investigation proceedings after the legal services of the Santa Cruz de Tenerife City Council have found irregularities in the concession of the carnival stages, as reported by judicial sources to Radio Club Tenerife.

The new research comes after that the first of the complaints filed by the businessman and former technical advisor of the Autonomous Party Organization, Luciano Delgado, was filed in October 2020. After knowing the case, the capital mayor, Jose Manuel Bermudez, u orderedAn investigative commission that resulted in a file of confidential information, which, as reported by the SER, corroborated the irregularities in the procedures ordered, during the stage of the socialist mayor, Patricia Hernández, by the mayor who held the Party Area, Andres Martin Casanova, in the contracting of stages and infrastructures for the celebration of Carnival events.

On the document, to which the SER has had access, it is noted that the mayor divided the object of the contract into multiple minor contracts, when these services respond to a periodic need, which prevents them from being divided. Similarly, the report highlights the non-existence of legal reports in 13 of the files analyzed and that the declaration of urgency is not sufficiently justified in a dozen contracts. The dozen of files carried out add up to 1.3 million euros.