The Protector 4, review of the first Turkish Netflix series

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its Netflix the last season of The Protector just four months after the third season, released by the streaming giant on March 6th. The original Turkish production is based on the 2016 book Pencil Drawing and the Strange Story of a Young Man of İpek Gökdel. However, the writer revealed that the story was born as a script for a TV series already in the 2000s. After years without ever having succeeded in her intent, she decided to turn it into a novel, to then be used as inspiration by Netflix for its original production The Protector.

The book – as well as the series – is based on the existence of some Ottoman talisman links that can be found in the museum Palazzo Topkapi. Legend has it that whoever wore them was protected against evil and aggressors, as well as having healing powers. They have drawings with mysterious geometric symbols and various verses taken directly from the Koran. These shirts were made by some astrologers (or Shaykh al-Islam) for sultans like Suleiman the magnificent, Selim the Truce e Mehmed the Conqueror.

Where were we

The Protector follows the adventures of Hakan, a young shopkeeper with great work plans. However, his plans are totally distorted when he discovers the existence of a mesh-talisman and to be connected to an ancient secret order, the Leali. The purpose of this group of fighters is to protect Istanbul from threats of conquest and destruction by the Immortals. Thus the protagonist discovers that he is the Protector, the one who guides the Loyal ones and protects the city from evil and darkness. Unfortunately, however, Hakan could not be further from being a hero, so much so that it takes him some time to accept his duty without running away from everything and everyone.

The Protector 2

Hakan thus finds himself having to try to fight everyone the immortals – each with their own plan of conquest and destruction – while trying to carry out their own loving life, without being overwhelmed by some revelations: the brother he had been looking for for some time is still alive and believes he is the legitimate Protector. In the fight against the Immortals, the protagonist makes too many mistakes, so much so that the Order of the Lealy begins to doubt him. Angry at himself for having failed his mission, Hakan finally accepts to be the Protector and to be ready to fight Evil, even if the price to pay is to lose the people he loves.

The Protector 5

So he finds himself fighting against his own brother who falls victim to the plan of one of the Immortals, Dreamwhile Istanbul suffers from a lethal virus that is decimating the population. Hakan then tries to find an antidote to save the population, while he must thwart the plans of Vezir, the most powerful of the Immortals, who is preparing to overwhelm Istanbul with a six hundred year old fury. In the meantime, the Protector will make some discoveries about his family and ancestors that could give him a new chance in the battle against Evil, traveling between past and present.

The beginning of the end

The past seasons of The Protector they gave rise to a substantial amount of questions, to which the fourth season tries to answer. The most important remains undoubtedly that of because the Immortals want to destroy the city of Istanbul.

I travel between past and present, after being introduced last season, become the focal point of the last, given that Hakan is firmly convinced that he will find a solution to stop the Immortals by retracing the life of his ancestor Harun. However, in the present it is not one of the most advantageous situations for our protagonist, with very few Leali remaining alive and the same Zeynep who turned against him by joining the Immortals, even if more out of spite against Hakan than for his own interest.

The Protector 3

Meanwhile Istanbul is under the grasp of Evil, so much as to seem a ghost city, with aerial shots that give us a different and less suggestive – but equally descriptive – vision compared to those of the first seasons. L’atmosphere has turned into post apocalyptic, while the Immortals they took control of the whole city closing in total anarchy.

Haste is a bad advisor

Despite the commitment that the producers have put in to complete The Protector, the last season remains a little subdued compared to the others in the series. If in the first two the events pitted and distributed well in all the episodes, in the latter everything seems to happen a little too quickly. The result is therefore one season condensed into 7 episodes, which seems to want to give an answer at all costs to every question that the spectator asked himself, doing it in the shortest possible time.

The Protector 4

Probably due to the cancellation of the series, the producers wanted to end production, with the only result of having a rhythm a little too much hasty, with continuous twists and revelations that accelerate to reach a conclusion. Despite these continuous implications, however, the plot of this season is almost predictable, also because of the various subplots that are directly explained by the protagonists themselves. There is no longer that aura of mystery especially characteristic of the first two seasons, which had been able to involve fans in the events of Hakan and his fight against Evil.

In conclusion

The Protector however, the first Turkish series of Netflix remains and as a result it cannot be said that it is totally negative. Despite the last season that can no longer surprise the viewer, there is still one worthy conclusion of a fantasy series that had been able to attract a certain consensus among the spectators.

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