The protocols to follow for public schools in New York whose teachers tested positive for coronavirus | Video | Univision 41 New York WXTV

sprouts. also remember that

we have 20 days to fill the

census for what exhorts

visit the page you see


among other topics, the return to

normality in the classrooms of

city ​​schools …

teachers have tested positive

coronavirus. our partner

elian zidane is in

Brooklyn, where a teacher from

a high school gave

positive and tell us more


elian: indeed, at least

two system masters

public education have given

positive to test

coronavirus after undergoing

voluntarily the other is

belonging to the school ps

one and are in

isolation and both were

asymptotic. decide

get tested before

return to their activities and

tested positive for the coronavirus.

none of the campuses was

closed and the teaching staff

he was given the option to work

from home while

authorities investigate

county contagions mention

who work with

departments of education and

health like hospitals

to ensure that all

affected schools comply

with the indications of

quarantine and monitoring

contacts. the mayor ensured

that the bus service

are you ready for the next

back to class which is

scheduled for 21

September. there were 60 compías

that will provide different

routes including 5962 routes

of special education and 2470

routes for general education

who is also

carrying around 6000

students. at all times

were aboard the

buses the buses must

stay with the windows

open at all times and

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