The Province also says that you can return to phase 3 after July 17

We are waiting for vaccines and hyperimmune serum and the province of Buenos Aires is vigilant; As we are the one with the highest density and the largest number of cases, all these studies that can be done (the province) are prepared to do so “Gollan said in dialogue with Uncover Radio.

The minister maintained that from the Buenosairean government they are “in expectation of anything new that may appear, willing to participate in any therapeutic alternative that appears,” but rejected the information that the province is “managing” currently a vaccine.

“There are several vaccines in the world that are being tested in the clinical phase, which is called phase 3, and we are waiting and in talks because, if Argentina is chosen to do tests, obviously it will include the province of Buenos Aires by number of cases ”, remarked.

In addition, he indicated that “if the possibility appears, we can do tests in the province, for the number of patients we have, the number of hospitals, professionals, but it is a whole process, we have all the condiments in the province. There are conversations. “

Regarding the results of current treatments, the minister said that “with therapeutic strategies we can have good news, as with plasma,” although he clarified that “there are encouraging results, although not yet conclusions” and asked “not to generate false expectations.”

“The results are encouraging in decreasing the case fatality rate with plasma-treated patients at certain times,” he said.

Regarding the continuity of the quarantine, he revealed that “Most likely, when this stage ends at the AMBA (next July 17) we will move to a stage similar to the one we had until June 30” and stated that the results “will be seen in 2 weeks.”

“The expectation is that the (contagion) curve will slow down its growth. Circulation has decreased, we must see if intra-neighborhood circulation also decreases, and ensure that people stay in their homes in neighborhoods, because there is community circulation,” Gollan specified.

The minister pointed out that “when the circulation (of people) drops dramatically, the circulation of the virus decreases” and noted that “it is desirable that the doubling time be stretched again to 15 or 16 days up. Today we are at 11 days”. He explained that before starting the new phase of stricter isolation “the occupation of beds had been growing between 1% and 2% per day”, but also noted that the province “practically doubled” the available beds, adding 1,000 units in intensive care, and announced that they will add another 200.

Regarding the deterioration of the economy, he said that “The question is not whether the economy is going to fall, it is going to fall the same in all countries. The difference is if we are going to have more or fewer deaths ”.

“There is a lot of talk about the smart quarantine that Chile did and it was a disaster. The smart quarantine is what we did. The whole country is in Phase 5 except Chaco and the AMBA,” he emphasized.


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