The provocative message of Brazil captain Andrey Santos after beating the Uruguayan team

Brazil beat Uruguay 2-0 and snatched the title from the sky-blue in the last minutes of the game that closed the tournament.

It was useful for the celestial team to win or tie to be champion, but the Brazilians prevailed in the end.

The message of Andrey Santos

Andrey Santos, the captain of Brazil and scorer of the first goal of the match, spoke to his networks after the win with a provocative message.

The provocative message of the captain of Brazil after beating the Uruguayan team

“Looking for a rival in South America,” wrote the midfielder.

In addition, Andrey, who signed for Chelsea from England shortly before the start of the competition, added a photo of himself looking into the distance to complete his text.

Brazil was the undefeated champion of the tournament, while Uruguay lost their last game after reaching the event with a perfect score.