The PSG champion of France, his supporters struggle to ignite


In the corridors of the Parc des Princes, barely fifteen minutes after the final whistle, only a handful of supporters are still strolling. On this Sunday evening, the PSG yet comes from to win the 7th title of champion of France in its history after a dazzling performance against the title holder, Monaco (7-1). “We saw a very good game. We also took a nice revenge on the Monegasques with a match for the fantastic title,” said Vincent, 23, from Sartrouville (Yvelines). “I also congratulate the seriousness and involvement of players whether in Cups or Ligue 1,” continues almost mechanically Alexandra, 33 years of Antony (Hauts-de-Seine). READ ALSO> The ten games of the PSG towards the title 2018 The words are sincere, but the heart is not really there. Because the reasons for satisfaction stop there. Parisian fans struggle to catch fire in front of this new trophy. “I would gladly exchange it against a semi-final of the Champions League , sighs Julien, 18 years of Paris. I was there for the last four coronations. But this one is a little consolation, a cheap title. In France, the team did a great job. But this season, we especially wanted to vibrate on the European scene. ” “There is no more surprise” Parisian supporters would they become spoiled children? “We’ve been selling the Champions League for seasons,” says Alexandra. When the club recruits Neymar and Mbappé, it’s not fair to win the Championship. It was even the bare minimum. ” The supporter is not at a paradox. If he likes to see his team crush the Ligue 1, he laments the lack of suspense. “I would not say it was too easy. But there is no more surprise. We knew we would be champion, coward Vincent. Monaco, last year, it was an accident. PSG has just regained its place. This title does not erase the disappointment born from the elimination against Real. ” A few meters away, 65-year-old Patrick, a “forever” supporter, says: “We can see that you have not experienced the lean years of the club. Ten years ago, we played the maintenance, we attended poor games. So do not sulk his pleasure at such a title! He is indignant. This former subscriber of the Boulogne grandstand is asking for patience: “PSG will not win the Champions League by investing millions every season. Look at Chelsea, City … You have to give the club time to build a story in Europe. And the first step is to multiply the national trophies. In this area at least, the PSG is on the right track.


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