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The PSOE is no longer closed to an abstention of ERC to invest Pedro Sanchez

The scenario after the elections

Today the Secretary of Organization of the PSOE, Jos Luis balos, has not closed to any possibility after his meetings with the different representatives of parties

The leader of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, on Tuesday in Congress after meeting with Pedro Snchez.

The doubts about the sum of votes that allow Pedro Snchez to be elected as the new president of the Government yesterday led the PSOE to modify its initial veto to the independence parties to move on not ruling out that their abstention could facilitate it. Socialists now see more difficult what last week was contemplated as the only one to invest Sanchez: an agreement with United We can include the favorable vote of the PNV, Comproms, Regionalist Party of Cantabria and the abstention of the two deputies of Unin of the Navarrese People (UPN).

But for the latter to occur, UPN claims to be allowed to govern inNavarreand inPamplona, where he has won the elections but does not reach the absolute majority. This seemed possible because the PSOE disavows the attempt to form Government of the Navarrese Socialists, since the sum they raise needs the abstention of EH Bildu. But in the last hours that position has also changed.Ferrazis letting do the PSN and the callgoes navarrafor the investiture loses solidity.

Pablo Iglesias and Pedro Snchez negotiate a "government of cooperation" without clarifying what is

The Socialist leadership claims that the abstention of UPN will mean the flight of the six deputies of the PNV, although the Basque nationalists do not confirm this veto.

After Pedro Snchez met on Tuesday with Pablo Iglesias, Albert Rivera and Pablo Casado, the Secretary of Organization of the PSOE continued this Wednesday the round of contacts with PNV, Comproms, PRC, UPN and CC. It was in the assessment of these meetings that the PSOE opened the spit of abstention of the independence movement.

Asked exactly if they count on the votes of ERC and JxCat, with whom the spokesperson of the Socialist Group, Adriana Lastra, was quoted this Thursday, balos said that "the 350 deputies deserve the same consideration and count exactly the same".

Hours later, in a new appearance, a nuance that he can not rule out the abstention of the separatists because "it does not depend on me". "I do not know what other people are going to do, it's what we are trying to do: get a government as soon as possible inSpain"with those who understand" the game within theConstitution, respect for the territorial integrity of Spain, the rule of law and coexistence ", in reference to the other parties except Vox and Bildu, whom the socialists have excluded.

In any case, balos did not repeat the mantra that the PSOE has defended since ERC boycott the election of Miquel Iceta as president of the Senate: they do not want the investiture to depend on the vote of the independence.

It was not the only correction that occurred this Wednesday. The person in charge of Organization of the PSOE assured first that "it does not discard" ministers of We can in the Government, something that always they have denied, and to clarify later that it is a "decision of the president".

All these fluctuations attest to how unclear the votes of the investiture are at this moment. And also that without the abstention of UPN or PP or Cs the PSOE is not closed to refrain CKD.

And it is that, after the first conversations, no group except the PRC has compromising its vote in favor of the investiture, in its case, in exchange for the support of the socialists cntabros Miguel ngel Revilla. PNV and Comproms pose assumable conditions, so that their Sanchez can also be considered almost assured.

The same does not happen with UPN. Its final position is conditioned to whether the Socialists allow the candidate of Navarra Suma to hold this Saturday with the Mayor of Pamplona and to govern the Autonomous Community.

Coalicin Canaria, for its part, has already transferred its resounding no if the PSOE closes an agreement with Podemos, either programmatic or to govern in coalition or cooperation.

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