The PSOE of Baena asks the City Council to “not let the church of San Francisco die”

The general secretary of the PSOE of Baena, María Jesús Serrano, has called on the mayoress of the town, Cristina Piernagorda (PP), to implement the Provincial Plans with the project approved in plenary session and buy the orchards near San Francisco and open the street of La Reguera.

Serrano has expressed his “concern” because the Provincial Plans for the four-year period 2020-2023 are not being executed, which are a subsidy from the Diputación de Córdoba for the municipalities and that in the case of Baena almost half a million euros were allocated to different performances.

For the PSOE, “the opening of Calle de La Reguera is essential for the San Pedro neighborhood because it allows opening that bottom of the sack and making it permeable with respect to the historic center, while making it more accessible and with an exit to the road” and they have insisted that “this action is of vital importance to socially regenerate the neighborhood”.

The senator has also had an impact on “the current problem with the Asylum of the Little Sisters of the Abandoned Elderly of San Francisco” and has ensured that “if the street is opened, there is the possibility of having access to that property also from the rear for any activity that takes place in it”.

Serrano has warned that “These provincial plans are about to expire” and has recalled that in order to execute them “you have to also buy the surrounding orchards or proceed to the expropriation”. These funds allocate 120,000 euros for the purchase of the orchards and 276,000 euros for the urbanization of La Reguera street.

In his speech, he also showed his “concern” about the workers that there is in the San Francisco residence because “if a solution to the closure problem is not sought, they will be left without a job but the opportunity to generate more employment in Baena will also be lost.”

For this reason, he has “reached out” to the government team to buy the residence in San Francisco and recalled that this would mean “a investment of no more than 400,000 euros”, a figure that “can be negotiated with the congregation and that can be done in installment payments”.

In his opinion, this is “an alarming lack of management and political initiative” and he has insisted that “if we let San Francisco die, we are letting Baena die.”

Serrano recalled the existence of European funds for the rehabilitation of public buildings, which is why he indicated that “if the building was already owned by the municipality, a grant could be requested to rehabilitate it.”