The PSOE trusts that now it will be able to eliminate the veto power of the Senate on the expenditure ceiling

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The PSOE prepares the ground to avoid the budget blockade: He has registered a bill in Congress to eliminate the ability of the Senate to veto the spending ceiling approved in the lower house. The socialist parliamentary group wants to recover the text prior to the reform made by the PP in 2012 according to which, if the stability objective was approved by the Congress of Deputies, but was rejected by the Senate, the proposal returned to the Lower House for its rereading and approval if it was ratified by simple majority there, as with any other legislative proposal.

The PSOE retakes its plan of the interrupted last legislature, forced, in addition, because although in the elections of the spring it managed to recover the absolute majority in the Upper House, in the repeated elections of November it lost it by the best result obtained by the PP.

Since what the PSOE intends to reform is an organic law, it will require its approval by an absolute majority in Congress. When in the past legislature the PSOE, Podemos and ERC registered a similar proposal of law, it drew support from all political forces except for the PP and Citizens (Vox still had no parliamentary representation). If he did not succeed, it was, as he was accused, for the stoppage of his procedure encouraged by the Bureau of Congress, with a majority of the right. Although there is no planned timetable for the time it will take for the proposal to prosper, the PSOE is confident that the new composition of the Board will prevent this paralysis from repeating itself.



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