The Public Prosecution announces a 5-year prison sentence for an Arab expatriate…and reveals the crime in which he is involved

Al-Marsad Newspaper: An official source in the Public Prosecution stated that the investigations by the Public Prosecution Office of Crimes Damaging Public Confidence resulted in the accusation of an expatriate of Arab nationality who transferred infiltrators from a neighboring country to the Kingdom.

The investigation procedures revealed that the aforementioned had agreed with a cross-border criminal organization to transfer the infiltrators from that country and secure their arrival to their destination in the Kingdom in return for a sum of money of (15,000) Saudi riyals, and he was stopped and referred to the competent court to demand legal penalties.

The initial ruling was issued that included proof of what was attributed to him and sentenced to imprisonment for a period of (5) years, while the Public Prosecution Office submitted an objection to the ruling to demand a tougher penalty for the offender.

The source noted that entry into the Kingdom should be through the regular procedures established by the state and facilitated all requests related to this matter.

The source stressed the prohibition of transferring the intruder to or within the Kingdom, providing him with shelter, or providing him with any assistance or service in any way, and that these behaviors are considered major crimes that require arrest and violate honor and integrity and are subject to severe criminal accountability.