The publication of Ana Milan after the leak of the sexual video of Santi Millán that removes Twitter

Ana Milan launches a reflection on her Twitter account about mental health and the Netflix series, ‘Intimacy’, after what happened with Santi Millán.

Paradoxes of life have meant that just 9 days after the premiere of ‘Intimacy’ and that all those who have seen the series have praised how the Netflix series makes them reflect on what the leak of an intimate video means; Santi Millán has become a victim after a sexual video of his was leaked this Sunday. And about it, Ana Milan wanted to reflect on her Twitter account.

And it is that although it seems that we have advanced a lot and that we are all capable of putting ourselves in the place of the victim as happens with the series starring Itziar Ituño (‘The paper house’) you and Patricia Lñopez Arnaiz, among others; however, this Sunday it was shown how in the end morbidity can take over and everyone wanted to see Santi Millán’s video.

The presenter of ‘Got Talent Spain’ quickly became a Trending Topic with many messages from people making fun of and memes about what happened. Others went even further and retweeted and shared the video or asked if anyone had it. Something that although many people think that nothing happens, is a crime. This is what Santi Millán himself remarks in his first statements.

There are several famous people who have not hesitated to give their support to the actor from ‘El Pueblo’. Thus, Carme Chaparro has done it on her Yahoo blog and has also served for Ana Milan to launch a deep reflection through her Twitter account, with a message that reaches 5,000 ‘likes’ in just a few hours.

“If only we put ourselves in his shoes for a second. If we saw our intimacy exposed, commented on, mocked… », He begins by saying. “Then we will talk about mental health and misfortune, elegance, and how good and cruel the Intimacy script is. In short, “concludes the actress.

In addition, in response to a user who directly reproached the actor that it would have been he who had supposedly sent the video directly to someone, Ana Milan has reacted harshly. «It is such a mean comment, with such a lack of empathy that I do not even know what to answer. Life will take care of doing it », she has sentenced her.