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The pupils turn off the light in the classroom, teacher in the viewfinder with throwing objects

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Carbonia – The lesson was almost over and suddenly someone turned off the light. The blitz was organized, because a second later other students lowered the blinds. In the classroom, therefore, absolute darkness has fallen and the students have unleashed all together. Screams, swear words and a dangerous throwing of objects. Books, notebooks, diaries, pens, cases and backpacks hurled from one side to the other.

The teacher did not have time to get away and ended up in the sights of this sudden launch of objects. Until someone else intervened, attracted by the screams, the science teacher of a high school of Carbonia found itself at the mercy of the students. He also tried to take cover, but many of the objects thrown into the classroom hit her in full. And in fact, after being able to save and reach the emergency room, the doctors gave her 7 days of treatment.

After the nightmare lesson, the teacher told everything to the principal who in turn called the carabinieri. The military of the company of Carbonia have launched an investigation and questioned the teacher. Also to understand if the blitz at the time of science was an act of bullying or if everything had been organized to hit the science teacher.

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