The purchase of real estate in the City fell 18% month-on-month in May

deeds May 2021 12 months.jpg

“Although the comparison of the 5 months of 2021 with 2020 gives us 100% growth, we also see that May and April had negative records in the month-on-month measurement, which confirms that it is a level of activity that has not yet taken off” , highlighted Carlos Allende, president of the College of Notaries.

The average amount of the acts was $8.216.584 ($ 82,512 according to the average official exchange rate): dropped 8.55% in a year in pesos, and in US currency it fell 35.7%.

May interannual deeds Colegio de Notaries Buenos Aires.jpg

In May, there were 100 deeds formalized with bank mortgage. So the raise in that sense is 138%. And the first 5 months accumulate a growth of deeds with credit of 53.4%.

In the total acts, the 5 months have a recovery of 100.3%.

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