The quadruplet dissatisfied with Mbappé, Choupo the UFO, the song of Rabiot … The season of the PSG in six anecdotes


Adrien Rabiot picks up the microphone to sing with his followers – Pascal GUYOT / AFP

  • PSG is the French champions on Sunday after the Lille draw in Toulouse.
  • Between Buffon's cultural life, Mbappé's perfectionism, the unclassifiable Choupo and the Rabiot soap opera, you'll find out about this Parisian season in six anecdotes.

We can not say that we do not see it coming. PSG has been a leader since day one and has scanned the entire Ligue 1 season to claim his sixth title as French champion in Qatar. So much so that at the time of the audit, we do not really know what to say. The men of the title? Of course, always the same, from Thiago Silva to Verratti via the CMN. The most important dates There is not really, Paris has rolled on everyone from A to Z. So what? So we decided to tell you what we told journalists about Ligue 1 this season. Anecdotes, little stories, the feeling that there is little of everything. And that does not sum up the Paris year so badly.

Gigi Buffon's beret

Gianluigi Buffon likes paintings. He told himself in 2004 that he was getting out of the depression by falling in love with a Chagall "The walk" he will see three times the same day. And if we did not demand such a legend from the balloon, if he chose Paris for his cultural offer at least as much as in our beautiful Ligue 1, then we spoke with a certain Hervé, the Gigi Beret met head on a Sunday afternoon in Orsay. "He was accompanied by a man who visited him, he looked like a student of the fine arts or something like that." Buffon stayed with him for three hours, he did all the Picasso, then some rooms that should interest him. that he was staying ten minutes before Van Gogh's starry night because he was so busy at work. "

Gigi Buffon, his beret, his wand and Hervé.
Gigi Buffon, his beret, his wand and Hervé. – Screenshot / D.R.

All that to say? If he did not shine well on the transfer market this season, the PSG offered a crowned star last summer. A guy in the world of football. And if his achievements in the field were quite vague, Gigi brought his aura, wisdom and professionalism to the PSG. He played rivalry with Areola without bitterness. He took Mbappé under the arm in a melancholy night in the Velodrome. He never said a word more than the other. Gigi is the class. And with him, PSG is a bit classier.

Mbappé, the quadrupled dissatisfied

Olympique Lyonnais or the art of getting into hay when things are going well. Paris is dominated at home and reduced to 10 in the shock of the season in early October. Tousart finds the way to be relegated to 45th place. A halftime 10-10 is a halftime with two players less and thus more space in the field. A mathematical suicide, when on the other hand a velvet-footed Neymar enjoys distilling chocolates to launch the Kylian 4 rocket under the best possible conditions.

Mbappé against Denayer

Who could have been Kylian 5 or 6 without big Lopes to prevent him from quadrupling? This second half was tailor made for Mbappé, it was almost a cheat, the same feeling as if you were taking Adriano Inter in PES 6. The jacking was a bit too easy. And so the modest victory for the MVP of the evening, who will prefer to scourge in mixed zones in memory of his missed opportunities. "It's seven chances and four goals, it's not bad, but we can do better, the boy's bullet

Rabiot's song

At the beginning of September it is still hot and hot in the bubbling stadium of Costières de Nîmes. The Parisians have just won in the last quarter hour (2-4) a nice victory. The fourth place in a row, with which they can already start at the top of the championship. At the final whistle, the Parisians have a nice moment of connection with their fans. Areola, Thiago Silva, Marquinhos and Kimpembe are overly excited, but not as much as Rabiot. The Parisian Titi takes over the capo function of the group and manages the dance with a megaphone in his hand.

Paris ♫ ♪ ♫ "Paris SG, we will all sing together / This love we have for you / Who will never stop
After so many years / From galleys and fighting / Oh for you PSG / We break the voice »♪ ♫ ♪ ♫

At this time, the topic of the expansion of the midfield is already relevant. One thinks to see a strong sign in this scene of joy. The fans too. A Canal + camera shows a conversation between Rabiot and a member of Collectif Ultras Paris. You're a bloody Parisian, you have it in your blood! My mother's life, you're the only Parisian! Said the supporter to the player.

"We sent him this message to stay," says Anwar, who traveled to Nimes. It meant that he had our confidence that we were really behind him. "Eventually the soap opera lasted, the atmosphere worsened and Rabiot ended up in the closet and put the whole club back." We loved him, and besides, at the beginning of tensions between him and the leaders, we never said anything against him, "Anwar continues But then he crossed the point of no return, he is no longer welcome, there is no right to respect everyone, what makes him even more regret, this "great moment" from the end of last summer.

The sad victory in Marseille

His youthful air multiplied by a thousand. When we munched Mbappé on October 28 at the Vélodrome bank, we had a revelation. This kid, every champion he is, has only 20 years. And like all busts of his era, Mbappé is sometimes a little darned – in this case he came too late to the lecture by Thomas Tuchel in front of the Classico. Logical sanction: a half-time on the bench …

Tuchel had to decide 0: 0 at an hour and Mbappé came in. Three minutes were enough to release the game, a great acceleration in the depths before Mandanda was shot. The start in the mixed zone was just as dry: no dictaphone could be handed over to the French prodigy. As a louse annoyed by the sanction of his coach, he always shot in the mouth. Tuchel also said: "It's not a good evening, not at all (…) I hate to play without Kylian, it was a bit difficult today, it's sometimes painful to manage a childish teenager.

Mbappé at the Clasico OM-PSG on October 28, 2018.
Mbappé at the Clasico OM-PSG on 28 October 2018. – Boris HORVAT / AFP

When Neymar gets injured and Strasbourg sees him badly

In Paris-Strasbourg a priori insignificant in the final of the Coupe de France in January, Neymar is injured. A sweeping consequence for the rest of the season PSG … and also for racing. After the game, coach Thierry Laurey sparked the controversy by releasing Neymar's "right to be caught" after driving crazy player Anthony Gonçalves to his chambres. The story is known. Less is that in Strasbourg, this episode has left its mark. Laurey used laconic "yes" / "no" for a few weeks to answer questions at a press conference, saying journalists were furious. Before you explain more (but later) in some media to this chapter.

Neymar leaves injured
Neymar leaves injured – FRANCK FIFE / AFP

At the time of reunification in the park between the two teams Strasbourg were rather mute. A few days before the match, Bingourou Kamara warned from the beginning in the mixed zone, "I'm not talking about PSG." The journalists have been trying to get players across intricate curves to Paris and out-of-court facts: "Oh no, I did not know," Adrien Thomasson flees. Before we blow to the media, we will get no other answer to this topic. As always, one of them requested an interview with a player from Strasbourg to address the issue.

Choupo the UFO

"We say 'Toulousains', right? There were 23 hours in the mixed zone of the stadium on March 31. Eric Choupo-Moting, who was interviewed by two journalists, interrupts his response, so as not to make a mistake, a PSG-bis has just beaten the TFC (0-1), with excellent areola, double saver, and Mbappé, scorer The German-born Cameroonian international comes from a new mediocre performance, symbolized by an incredible dropping six yards from Reynet's goals The kind of game in which the football player craves to join the coach of his team by skipping the "media" box, but "Choupo" is the only Parisian with captain Marquinhos stopping in front of the Plumitifs – as it rejoins a week later, after his unlikely halt to the recruitment of Nkunku, who would score against Strasbourg.

Choupo Moting "stopped" Nkunku's shot on April 7, 2019 at PSG-Strasbourg.
Choupo Moting "stops" Nkunku's shot on April 7, 2019 at PSG-Strasbourg. – John Spencer / SIPA

He is in no hurry and agrees to repeat himself when our colleagues who have finished with the Brazilian come to him. He says nothing transcendent, but he says it quietly, with a gentle smile, while being slaughtered in social networks for his so little galactic level. Despite his 30-year existence and his 1.91 m, he is like a student on a school trip with his backpack. As an intruder in the eye-catching and hygienic world of PSG. It's certainly not thanks to its foot quality, but we understand why Choupo became the park's darling this season.




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